Product Review: Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera

I’ve been sitting here for about 5 minutes now trying to remember if it was this Convertible Colour, or Petunia that I was given by someone because the shade didn’t suit them. And also whether or not that friend was the fabulous Em. I still can’t remember, so on to the review… I have been wearing the Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera practically every day lately. It’s smooth wearing, easy to apply and the colour is a really gorgeous natural light apricot/peach on fair skin. It also lasts really well and I am still left with colour on my cheeks at the end of the working day. Apologies in advance for the swatch, it’s rather heavy handed as there was a bit of fluff in the compact (can I blame my beauty blender for this?) and I went a little crazy trying to get it out, so when I swatched a lot of product was applied at once.

I have been using my beauty blender to apply it to the apple of my cheeks and then adding highlight with either NARS Orgasm Highlighter or the Benefit Girl Meets Pearl. Perfect summer cheeks in my opinion! I also really love the packaging of the convertible colours. They looks so pretty in the pan, I almost want to have them out on display. I’ve never used this on my lips (despite it being a dual-use product) but I’ve heard that it can be quite drying if you do wear it as a lip colour, so be wary of that. The Stila Convertible Colours are available for purchase in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica, and retail for $48 AUD.

Wardrobe Wednesday

There are a few different items of clothing that will forever be staples in my wardrobe. Dark denim straight leg jeans, various styles of black blouse, black cardigans and of course – black leather ballet flats. Now it may seem like a simple task, but finding the perfect pair of black leather ballet flats has taken me many years and a a fair amount of trial and error. Believe it or not there are many things that can go wrong with ballet flats. Whether it’s leather that is too hard (which can do serious damage to feet), soles that are too slippery (this may just be an issue for clumsy people like myself), or ballet flats with strange nubby little heels that don’t make any sense, I have found it really difficult to find a pair that ticks all the boxes. Now, Lanvin may have created the most amazing ballet flats on earth (god they are soft), but as I cannot realistically afford to have more than 1-2 pairs of the Lanvin beauties in my wardrobe at a time, I’ve had to search elsewhere for a pair appropriate for every day wear. And I have found them…

These are the Country Road Letitia flats in black leather. They may not look like much but I am currently on my… fourth pair? I wear these shoes to death. I do have to admit that the leather takes a few wears to really soften up, but once you’ve worn them in they are really comfortable and fit like a glove. I am really hoping that Country Road don’t discontinue this style because I would have to start my search all over again! They retail for $99 AUD and I believe that you can only buy the ballet flats online at the moment, as they are stocking the spring/summer seasonal line in stores.

Christmas Gift Guide Pt 2. (under $100)

Following on from last night’s post of Christmas gift ideas for under $50, tonight I am focusing on the next price bracket up – under $100. I am actually back on the hunt for a couple of presents myself now that a few of the items that I ordered online have fallen through. Hopefully I will find some inspiration for myself too! As always, Santa if you’ve taken the time to read my blog please note that I want all of the “for her” items listed. Thanks.

Under $100 (for her)

Under $100 (for him)

Christmas Gift Guide Pt 1. (under $50)

Those who know me know that I am all about embracing the Christmas spirit. Many will also claim that this is one of my most annoying features but they’re lying. Christmas is awesome. One of my favourite things to do around Christmas time is to get organised. (who is surprised?) I start my Christmas planning on November 1st every year, which gives me plenty of time to get everything done. Step #1 on my Christmas to-do list every year is to write up a budget and shopping list for Christmas presents. I also try to book a day off of work in early December to try and get all of my shopping done in one day. (Or at least everything that I hadn’t already purchased online.) I love Christmas gift guides, so I thought it might be a good idea for me to put one up for you guys. Hopefully this is of some interest, and use to at least one person out there…

Under $50 (for her)

Under $50 (for him)

I will be posting more gift guides following the same sort of style but for different price ranges. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see! PS: All of the “for her” pieces I actually want. So Santa, if you’re reading this…

Beach Fashion

I have always wanted to experience a White Christmas, and if all goes to plan I will be getting my wish in 2012. In the meantime, I am still in Australia and I still need to face facts that it is SUMMER and I need a game plan for summer survival. Billabong & 2Threads have teamed up to ask bloggers the question – “What Does Beach Fashion Mean To You?”

Despite the majority of my wardrobe appearing to be something of a shrine to the colder months (black clothes, cardigans, blazers, boots, ballet flats, cashmere…) I do enjoy the warmer weather if it involves going to the beach. I love the beach. As a West Australian I am blessed to live on a coastline that hosts some of the most incredible beaches on the planet. For example:

How could you not enjoy spending time in a place like that? Even if it is 40 odd degrees and the flies are making it their life’s mission to drive you completely insane.

My biggest issue come summer time is finding clothing items that are both climate appropriate and pieces that suit my personal style. My second biggest issue is that I am terrified of surf wear clothing stores. (Don’t ask me to explain why because I have no idea, I just do not like them.) Surf wear advertisements will have us believe that we should be emerging from the surf looking like perfectly put together goddesses of the sea. Now I don’t know about you guys but in reality when I emerge from the surf I look more like a bedraggled sea urchin who has accessorised with various species of seaweed than any sort of goddess.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years to combat this – keep it simple.

I have put together 10 key pieces that I think would make for a really cute and functional beach outfit. Including, of course, my necessary beach beauty items! The central piece of this outfit is the Billabong “Charmer” bikini.

And to finish up, a few of my style tips for the beach this summer:

> Find a bathing suit that suits your body shape, rather than following trends.

> Once you’ve found a bathing suit that fits your personal style, make sure it fits your body! The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction at the beach. there are enough dangers in the ocean as it is, there is no need to further tempt fate.

> When searching for a decent beach bag, I am of the opinion the bigger the bag the better. I’m sure I am not the only one who packs my entire life with me to take to the beach. Sun screen, beach towels, sandals, hats, bottles of water and an emergency primping kit if it’s a whole day affair rather than a quick morning swim.

> Sun screen is essential.

> When it comes to the beauty side of things, try to keep it simple. Do not wear a face full of makeup to the beach, because you will look silly. If you really feel like you need some coverage, try a tinted moisturiser with SPF (the Stila Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser is my personal favourite) and some waterproof mascara.

> Cute sandals are a great way to lift the dress code from beach to beach side cafe, but make sure they’re easy to slip on and off because you don’t want to be struggling to put your shoes back on when the sand is scorching your feet. (believe me, I’ve had a few less than graceful moments myself)

> Brightly coloured nailpolish is a great way to add just a little more oomph to a basic beach outfit. It’s a great way to accessorise when you don’t actually want to wear jewelry.

So there you have it! My thoughts on beach fashion, and a general summer style.