Product Review: Firebird Brown Sugar Perfume Oil

Every time I use this perfume I get Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones stuck in my head, which is absolutely fine by me. I’m terrible at describing scents so I’ll let Brooke from Firebird (previously Flourish) do the leg work: “The scent of brown sugar, mellow and sweet, joined by coconut, vanilla and sandalwood. Soft, gentle and comforting.” Firebird scents have this amazing way of smelling exactly the way they’re described. This perfume is no exception and smells exactly like brown sugar. It’s creepy and amazing and I love it. It lasts just as long as the other Firebird fragrances on the skin, but I do have to note that I can only use these perfumes on my wrists as they seem to irritate the skin on my neck. If you’re willing to work around this, I highly recommend all of the Firebird perfumes and if you’re looking for a new perfume for the season I suggest heading over to their store to check out what is on offer at the moment. The Firebird Brown Sugar Perfume Oil retails for $10.22 AUD and is available for purchase from the Firebird Etsy store.