March Favourites

Aside from the nail polish that I literally wore throughout the entire month of March, I really struggled to find products that I would consider favourites. March, as it seems, was as blah as always. Nevertheless I managed to rustle up a few of my most-used products for the month, and they were: Flourish Bath & Body Almond Milk Body Lotion, OPI for Sephora Metro Chic Nail Polish, Flourish Bath & Body Brown Sugar Perfume Oil, Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner & Davroe Lemon Grass Detangler.

Project 50 Pan (part 2)

06 – Passport Tahiti Moana Body Wash
07 – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer (I would repurchase this, but I have other moisturisers to use up first before I buy any more)
08 – Flourish Perfume Oil in Sugar (I will definitely be repurchasing this after P50P)
09 – Kosmea Organic Rose Mist
10 – Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (One of my holy grail skin care items, if I didn’t have another of these in my cupboard ready to be used I would have repurchased and not included it in this tally)

I am busting through these empties like there is no tomorrow… Though having said that, I feel like I might be hitting a dry spell over the next month or so. We’ll see.

Recent Beauty Haul

Pictured above are the products that I purchased before and during my trip to the wonderful city of Sydney. I’m not really sure why I purchased anything before going as the shopping in Sydney is pretty amazeballs, but I did so here we are. I managed to track down some of the old MOR Milk stock at a DFO in Homebush and was absolutely thrilled with my find. This is one of my all time favourite scents, and I am totally bummed that MOR have discontinued it. (Though according to their Twitter account, the closest scents in the current range are Honey or Candied Vanilla Almond) I also purchased the Flourish Body Milk in Saltwater, a Lanolips Lip Ointment in Sunshine, two mini Bloom soaps in Vanilla Bean and Brown Sugar & Fig and a b collection by Bloom Cheek Tint in Yarra Valley. I also picked up a MOR perfume oil in the scent Marshmallow and 3 perfume oils from Flourish in the scents Sugar, Almond Milk (a replacement) and Saltwater. And of course 3 of the b collection by Bloom nail polishes in the shades Seychelles, Santorini and Barcelona.

Product Review: Flourish Almond Milk Body Lotion

Many, many moons ago I posted about a haul that I’d acquired from the Flourish Bath & Beauty Etsy store. There were a couple of stand out items within this order, and one of them was the Almond Milk Body Lotion. This is probably one of my favourite scents of all time (ALL TIME). I also have the perfume oil, and I’ve been wearing it practically every day (paired with the moisturiser) since the beginning of Winter. If you’re a sweet-scent favouring gal, this is for you. I think Dee (at least I believe it was Dee?) summed it up perfectly when she said it smells like a baby’s head. The product itself is nice and thick (not quite body butter thick, but quite rich all the same) and feels very moisturising. The gorgeous scent lingers for most of the day, but usually fades by the afternoon which is a little bit disappointing, because it smells so good. I also really like the packaging, and was pleasantly surprised by all of the Flourish products that I ordered. I find sometimes home-made products don’t have the nicest packaging, but this range is just gorgeous. The Flourish Almond Milk Body Lotion retails for $8 USD and can be purchased from the Flourish Bath & Body store.