Lip Week Day 4 – Bloom Lipstick in Tangerine

I think the shade name of this lipstick is quite misleading. I’d browsed through the Bloom lipstick shades online in the past and had written this off as probably being too orange or too bright. But look at it. It’s perfect. Tangerine is more of a soft melon than anything too overwhelming or orange and it’s incredibly easy to work with (sidenote: if you own the Bloom sheer colour cream in Coy it works wonderfully as a complimentary blush shade). This is my first Bloom lipstick, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it has a similar subtle vanilla scent to the MAC lipsticks. It’s a sheer formulation that works well as a day-to-day lip shade and doesn’t feel drying on my lips at all. Bloom lipstick in Tangerine retails for $28 AUD and is available for purchase from Bloom online. (note: this product was sent for consideration for review)

Lip Week Day 2 – Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream & Unscented

I use a lot of lip balm. I have one that I use before going to bed at night, one that I use before applying my makeup in the morning, one on my desk at work to use throughout the day and one floating around in my handbag somewhere for when I’m out and about. The Nivea Lip Butters fit nicely into all of these scenarios, although I do prefer to use the unscented version before applying my makeup in the morning. Both are thick and buttery soft and leave my lips feeling nicely moisturised. The unscented version is genuinely unscented (I have been fooled by this before), and the caramel cream smells AMAZING. Sweet but not in a sickening way. The only issue I have with these is the packaging. For the most part I love the little tins, they’re attractive and feel nice to the touch but they’re kind of hard to open because they’re so thin. Once you work out a technique for opening them (or perhaps you’re not all hamfisted oafs like me) they’re easy enough to work with. The Nivea Lip Butters retail for $5.19 AUD each (currently 25% off at Priceline by the way) and are available for purchase at pharmacies throughout Australia. (note: this product was sent for consideration for review)

Lip Week Day 1 – Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 in Petal

I love the regular Fresh Sugar lip treatment, so when I received an email from Sephora announcing that Fresh had released a new shade in their tinted line I was all over it. Petal is described as being a ‘sheer petal pink’ which sounded to me like it would work perfectly on my lips and it really does. This is one of those ‘your lips but better’ products that I feel like I’m always searching for. The coverage is sheer but can be built up to a medium sort of colour if I want to wear it that way, though I rarely wear too much colour on my lips unless I’m going out at night. The smell is the same lemon fresh scent as the other products in the range and I’m yet to get sick of it. If you’re planning on a special order from Sephora any time soon I would recommend popping one of these in your shopping cart. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Petal retails for $22.50 USD and is available for purchase from Sephora.