May 2016

Well my triumphant return to blogging is not really off to a great start… sorry about that. I managed to cross a couple of things off of my list of goals for April, but didn’t manage to write a post about any of them. We finished painting our house, I kind of participated in the readathon, but life got in the way and we ended up going on a country drive instead (see snapshot above). I have not yet set up our home office, but now that we’re set up with all the storage solutions we need I will hopefully cross that off the list this month. We did go and see Captain America, but it didn’t end up being a full-blown date night as expected, as I was sick and ended up in hospital. Luckily we managed to go back a couple of days later and watch the movie in its entirety. Onwards and upwards I guess, and into the wonderful month of May. We are only 7 months away from Christmas! #hooray Here are my goals for this month-

Goal 1: Take books to the book exchange
Goal 2: Re-do the herb garden in the back yard
Goal 3: Attend a themed pot luck dinner party
Goal 4: Set up the home office

April 2016

If you can imagine me picking up my keyboard and blowing the dust off of it please do, because that is literally what I had to do before writing this post. Not only has it been a long time since I wrote a blog post, but we also recently returned to our house after it was painted and there is dust pretty much everywhere. I’m not complaining though because the house smells like paint and I LOVE IT. I honestly haven’t felt the drive to blog for a few months now, and I’ve noticed it seems to be the trend with a few people I follow to be “closing up shop” and shutting down their blog. This is the direction I was headed but I figured why not give this blogging thing one more go, and see how I feel about it this time around. The format of things will change (yet again), because I am heading even further away from the beauty blogging world but it feels like a natural transition and I’m comfortable with it. I thought long and hard about what I like writing about, and one of my favourite things to share with you are my monthly goals and whether or not I achieve them. So I aim to check in at the beginning of the month with a list of goals, and write posts about each one as I achieve them. Here’s what’s on the cards for April –

Goal 1: Paint The House
Goal 2: Participate in the Readathon
Goal 3: Set up our home office
Goal 4: Go on a date night to see Captain America

(Sounds pretty achieveable to me! And I say that will full confidence knowing that we have already finished painting the house. PRAISE BE. I will write a full action-packed post on that debacle sometime this week.)

April Goals

One of the negatives to writing monthly goals is noticing how quickly time is passing. The good thing about it is being able to say I’ve achieved something during that time, but still. WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING? Time is flying by. Anyhoo, I don’t think I did too badly with my goals for March, so let’s see how I went –

– sort out/upgrade my health insurance coverage
– deadhead the kangaroo paws and other plants in the garden that need sprucing up
– finish watching the final season of sons of anarchy
– clean out the bathroom cupboard
– write a to-do list for planning our USA trip

– speak to a mortgage broker about refinancing my mortgage
– march book club meeting

I managed to cross off nearly all of my goals for the month. I even achieved something rather large that I hadn’t even put on my list, which was cleaning out and organizing our walk in wardrobe. I suddenly got the urge to do the cleanout one afternoon, and did it all in the one go. It was an exciting time, let me tell you. I have been feeling quite motivated to clean out some other ‘trouble areas’ around the house too, so I’ll be sure to include those in future goal setting posts.

– Host a ‘crafternoon’ with girlfriends
– Change my address at two service providers
– Organize a gift for a co-worker who is going on maternity leave
– Organize birthday gifts for my dad, brother, and sister (and celebrate!)
– Clean out and organize the linen press
– Bake tequila lime cheesecake bars for my BFF’s Mexican Fiesta Night
– Catch up on my 50 Book Challenge

How is everyone else doing with their goal setting in 2015 so far?

October Goals

Alright, lets see how I went with my September Goals

– Organize a present for my BFF’s 30th birthday
– Sort out/upgrade my health insurance coverage
– Go to the Perth Royal Show
– Catch up on the 50 Book Challenge
– Start cleaning out the walk in wardrobe
– Get my health issues under control

Not a great effort from me in September, but hopefully this month will be a bit better. I seemed to check all of the ‘fun’ things off of the list, but nothing that took a lot of effort on my part. I still haven’t upgraded my health insurance. I’m definitely planning to get that done this month. As for the walk in wardrobe, we weren’t home enough for me to have time to do this, but hopefully I will soon. My health is a work in progress, and my motivation to complete the 50 Book Challenge has become ridiculously bad. Now for this month’s goals –

– Sort out/upgrade my health insurance coverage
– Start Cleaning out the walk in wardrobe
– Get my health issues under control
– Host a Book Club meeting
– Plan (and celebrate) our one year anniversary
– Start planning my birthday celebrations for next month
– Start early Christmas planning

What is on your list of goals for the month?

August Goals

First up, lets see how I did with July’s goals

Finish planning our short holiday in July/organize Sebastian’s birthday present
Organize three birthday dinners for Sebastian’s birthday
Do my tax return
– Sort out my personal health insurance coverage
Have my car serviced (and get the brakes replaced)
– Clean out my makeup collection

Not bad all up, but once again, I didn’t get around to finishing the clean out of my makeup collection because for some reason I just can’t get motivated to do it. I might need to watch some makeup organization videos on youtube to get the inspiration flowing (any and all video or channel suggestions are welcome!). I have some big projects to tackle soon, and I’m planning on taking them one step at a time. Most of them are to do with the house, so it might be time for another house update… Stay tuned for that, but for now here are my goals for August:

– Set up my new personal agenda
– Clean out the main hutch in the living room
– Finish organising my makeup collection
– Sort out by health insurance coverage
– Write a general plan for cleaning out the walk in wardrobe

What are your goals for this month? I’d love to hear how everyone is going with their goal planning, now that we’re over half way through the year. Is your success rate getting better or worse as the year progresses?