Product Review: Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Moisturiser

I first became aware of this lotion after seeing it show up on various lists of ‘celebrity beauty favourites’ floating around the internet. It must have popped up on the list of a celebrity I stalk obsessively like, because my interest was piqued enough for me to purchase it. Guess what guys, I LOVE IT. I tend to favour lightly scented body lotions for the daytime (I’ve been trying to use up my more heavily scented lotions in the evenings after my shower) and this little beauty is one of the nicest smelling lotions I’ve come across. I also really really really love the packaging. I mean, really. The lotion itself has a very lightweight formula and it doesn’t feel that moisturising, but it’s enough for my normal skin. It sinks in straight away and leaves a very light coconut scent on the skin throughout the day. If you’re in the market for a nice, lightweight, summery body lotion, check this baby out. The Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Moisturiser retails for $9.53 AUD and is available for purchase from iHerb. Did I forget to mention how CHEAP THIS IS?