Hair @ PFW – Vivienne Westwood

When I first saw this hairstyle, I immediately thought of how well it would work with a paired down autumn/winter outfit. The trick for me will be balancing the fine line of making it look casually tousled and not like I’ve just stepped in from a blustery storm. Pantene‘s Global Stylist Ambassador Sam McKnight created this hair look at Vivienne Westwood, inspired by the romantic heroines of the Rubens. “I wanted to create a hair look that was both reminiscent of the past but at the same time extremely modern. Texture plays a key role in this hair look, so we used lots of Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Mousse to create an incredibly full and textured effect that has a ‘lived in’ quality to it and brilliant juxtaposes against the fluidity of the soft makeup look”

To get the look yourself –

· Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. (At Fashion Week, Sam and his team used Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Nourishing Treatment to treat the hair and improve condition.)
· Apply a moderate amount of Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Mousse through the hair with your hands and then run each section through from root to end with a wide tooth comb.
· Roughly blowdry the hair using your hands to break the hair up and create a natural finish. (To create more texture use a large barrelled curling tong to create a soft wave in the hair – starting from the underneath section at the back of the head and working upwards.)
· Brush through the hair with a wide soft bristle brush to loosen the curls and create a wave effect. Spray the hair all over with Pantene Pro-V Body Builder Hairspray to add further texture.
· Take a small section of hair from either side of an imagined centre part, twist them over each other and pull down to the opposite side, then take an equal small section of hair from the front of the head from further down the head in line with the lower temple and twist the hair pieces together and then bring each side together at the back of the head and secure with elastic (this creates a natural hair band which helps to anchor the style in place).
· Take the section of loose hair at the back of the head and tie with elastic a short way up from the bottom of the hair to create a very loose pony tail, then roll the tail up and tuck the tail of the ponytail under the natural hair band and pull through to create a looped roll of hair.
· Pull random pieces of hair out of the loop to emphasise the texture and create an undone finish. Spray with Pantene Pro-V Stay Smooth Hairspray to set the style in place.