Style Muse

Do you have a style muse? A celebrity (or perhaps someone outside of the fame cycle) who inspires you in the way that you look, and the way that you dress? I do, and I have for years. In fact I still remember the first time I saw a picture of her that inspired me in a style sense, and it was from that moment as a teenager I really started to pay attention to the way I presented myself. The muse in question is no other than the beautiful Liv Tyler.

Through her I learned to embrace my fair skin. I discovered the perfect go-to-outfit. I became obsessed with Lanvin ballet flats. I was exposed to Givenchy cosmetics. I started to appreciate the fact that less is often more when it comes to makeup, and that clear fresh skin looks better than a face full of foundation any day. Over the years I have of course developed my own sense of style and taste, but I often look back at pictures of Liv to recapture that feeling of inspiration that she never fails to provide me. Do you have a muse?