Planner Chat: Monthly Tasks

One feature of all of my previous planners that I never felt like I was utilising properly is the ‘notes’ section. I decided that I wanted to try and get some benefit from that area, and one of the ways in which I am doing that is by tracking my monthly “chores”. There are certain things that I need to do around the house once a month or so, and if I don’t write them down, life often gets in the way of me remembering to do them. So I figured writing out a neat little chart (with handy boxes for ticking as we go), was the best option. Here are the items on my monthly tasks list –

– Write Meal Plan
– Clean Out Fridge (toss out anything past it’s use-by date, wipe down shelves etc)
– Clean Out Pantry (as above)
– Mop Bathroom Floor
– Clean Out Freezer (take a look at what we have leftover from the previous month, adjust the monthly shopping list accordingly)
– File & Shred (clean out the paperwork drawers on my desk, file and shred where necessary)
– Movies (clear out any unwanted DVDs from the DVD drawer, replace with digital files)
– Wardrobe (purge where necessary)
– Clear out the Linen Press
– Coles Order (place the monthly order of groceries)
– TBL Filing (file away any press releases I received for TBL)
– Deep Clean Shower
– Bathroom Swaps (switch out any items I like to change monthly – razors, etc)
– Budget (check in on the previous month’s budget, and write up a new budget sheet for the following month)
– Makeup Brushes (deep clean all of my makeup brushes and my beauty blenders)

Hopefully having these all written out will be a big help in me keeping on top of everything!