Come Shop With Me & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

There is something so satisfying about writing the word GIVEAWAY in caps lock. It’s exciting. Anyhoo, I digress. It is my 27th birthday this weekend, and I am choosing to celebrate by having a mild, internal panic attack, eating copious amounts of Mexican food, and spending too much money (much like any other weekend during the year really). I stumbled across Francesca’s Collections after seeing Michele1218 sporting one of their necklaces in a youtube video recently (I am single white femaling the heck out of that girl lately, it’s getting a bit weird) and fell in love with nearly everything on their site. So I bought some things.

I bought two of the above pictured watch, and to celebrate turning old I am going to give one away to say thanks to you all for sticking with me year after year. To enter the giveaway, simply comment on this entry and be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner (one entry per person please). This giveaway is open internationally and entries will close on December 13th, 2011. Good luck!

Work Style Monday – Autumn Woes & Wishlist

To all of my fellow Aussies out there, I’m sure you feel my pain right now. Autumn in Australia is a confusing thing. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t just automatically switch from BOILING HOT to relatively mild when the seasons change from Summer to Autumn. If anything, Summer decides to stick around for way too long like a family member overstaying their welcome. (Summer, you were wonderful on first arrival but now you’re annoying, please leave immediately.) This confused weather pattern creates something of a problem when deciding what to wear to work throughout the week. When I leave the house at the crack of dawn, it’s cold. Cold enough to wear stockings and a scarf. By the afternoon, it’s hot. Hot enough to melt the makeup off of your face and turn everything that you could have easily dealt with earlier that morning (like fellow commuters leaning on your back for an arm rest, or smacking you with their backpack as they walk down the aisle of the train) into the single most annoying things that could ever happen to you in your lifetime. Nevertheless I am still daydreaming of the cold weather and planning my Autumn/Winter purchases for this year, like these pieces from Jacqui E

Work Style Monday – Spotlight On: Modcloth

In today’s ‘spotlight on’, I have selected 10 work-friendly pieces from the amazing online store Modcloth. I often eye the goods over at Modcloth, but from what I’ve discovered recently if you are planning to order it might be a good idea to convince a friend to shop with you and split the shipping fees because the cost of postage to Australia is unusually high. Having said that I am yet to find another online store that carries so many pieces that suit my personal aesthetic. I think regardless of style, the work wardrobe options at Modcloth are endless.

Wardrobe Wednesday

There are a few different items of clothing that will forever be staples in my wardrobe. Dark denim straight leg jeans, various styles of black blouse, black cardigans and of course – black leather ballet flats. Now it may seem like a simple task, but finding the perfect pair of black leather ballet flats has taken me many years and a a fair amount of trial and error. Believe it or not there are many things that can go wrong with ballet flats. Whether it’s leather that is too hard (which can do serious damage to feet), soles that are too slippery (this may just be an issue for clumsy people like myself), or ballet flats with strange nubby little heels that don’t make any sense, I have found it really difficult to find a pair that ticks all the boxes. Now, Lanvin may have created the most amazing ballet flats on earth (god they are soft), but as I cannot realistically afford to have more than 1-2 pairs of the Lanvin beauties in my wardrobe at a time, I’ve had to search elsewhere for a pair appropriate for every day wear. And I have found them…

These are the Country Road Letitia flats in black leather. They may not look like much but I am currently on my… fourth pair? I wear these shoes to death. I do have to admit that the leather takes a few wears to really soften up, but once you’ve worn them in they are really comfortable and fit like a glove. I am really hoping that Country Road don’t discontinue this style because I would have to start my search all over again! They retail for $99 AUD and I believe that you can only buy the ballet flats online at the moment, as they are stocking the spring/summer seasonal line in stores.