Favourite “Housewife” YouTubers

I do love me some housewife youtubers. I think a lot of people find it strange watching someone vlogging their daily life when not much really happens, but I absolutely love it. I’m weird like that. I thought it might be a bit of fun for me to share my favourite “housewife” youtubers with you all, because I watch them religiously. Here’s who I think you should watch:

happilyahousewife: Samantha is currently my favourite youtuber to watch, housewife or not. She’s really down to Earth, and seems like she’d be a really nice person in “real life”. Her children are the sweetest, and her husband is always funny when he’s featured in vlogs. I love her grocery haul videos.

organizedlittlelady: I love watching Meaghan’s “get it done” videos, because they always inspire me to write a long to-do list and start crossing stuff off. Meaghan is another lady that seems like she’d be a really sweet person to be around, and I love how she is with her children when they’re featured in vlogs.

kishajaggers: I’m new to Kisha’s channel, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. For some reason she came across as quite abrasive when I first started watching her, but after a few videos I realised that she’s quite a sweet and genuine lady.

beingmommywithstyle: This is another channel that I’m new too, but I’m enjoying the current series of moving vlogs. It’s fun watching a family relocate and settle into their new house (even when nothing seems to go right).

myhousewifelife: To wrap it up of course I had to feature everyone’s favourite housewife vlogger – Jen. She doesn’t vlog as often as she used to, but she does still feature vlogs on her combined channel on the odd occasion. I still re-watch her older vlogs from a few years ago, because that was around the peak of my love for these kinds of videos. Just watching someone kick it around the house and work in little projects here and there. It’s strange, but I love it.

10 Favourite YouTube Videos

It takes a lot for me to favourite a youtube video. I like a lot of the videos that I watch (and give them a thumbs up), but for me to favourite something means I’m definitely going to go back and re-watch it again at another time. I thought it might be fun to share some of the videos that I’ve favourited over the years. Some of them are quite bizarre, to be honest.

This one is fairly straighforward. Laura Marling is one of my favourite artists, and this medley of songs is absolutely beautiful. Laura’s voice is absolutely incredible live (I was lucky enough to see her perform a couple of years back, and it was life-changing), and this video is something I love to listen to over and over again.

I absolutely love the style that Sam created in this video, and it’s such an easy up-do to recreate. A couple of years ago I was interstate for a friend’s wedding and one of my girlfriends was struggling to do her hair, so I pulled this style out of the bag and did it for her. She loved it! I’m glad I went back and re-watched this video, because I’m going to try it out on my hair again soon.

Does this really need an explanation

This is one of my favourite ‘outfit of the day’ videos, and it’s from Michele1218 (one of my favourite YouTubers). I re-watch this when I’m in a bit of an outfit funk. I love Michele’s entire ensemble in this video.

I watch this whenever I need a bit of a kick in the workout motivation department. It’s good to have something that inspires you to get off of your butt and MOVE, and this works for me most of the time.

This is another workout based motivational video. I used to watch this whenever I felt like I couldn’t be bothered going to my weekly dance class. I love the choreography of this dance. And if Beyonce’s body doesn’t motivate you to workout, I don’t know what will.

I love Anna, and her ‘get ready with me’ (or ‘unready’) videos are always favourites of mine. This was a recent video that she posted, but it’s already made its way onto my favourites playlist.

If you’re ever feeling a bit lost when it comes to makeup application, this video from Bobbi Brown is sure to help. I go back and re-watch it for a bit of inspiration from time to time.

This woman’s organizational skills are a dream. I like this video in particular because the pantry area is a space I really struggle to keep organized. It doesn’t help that I have a small space to begin with, but oh well. This video is very, very inspiring.

Another of my favourite musical artists – The Civil Wars. Unfortunately they’re no longer together, but this is one of my favourite songs and the performance is incredible.

This video has embedding restrictions, but I thought I’d share it with you all anyway. It’s my favourite SNL skit, and now I’ll have the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Awesome. I’d love to know what your all-time favourite YouTube video is? Share it with me in the comments below!

Favourite Youtubers

MyHouseWifeLife (also TheBusyBeeBuzz & OrganizedLikeJen) – Jen was the first youtuber I ever really followed and I still get excited when I see her videos popping up in my subscription box. My favourite of her channels is ‘My Housewife Life’, because I love seeing how she spends her days. I’ve never really wanted to be a housewife, but she sure does make it seem fun. She doesn’t do vlogs as regularly as she used to, due to a troll infestation in the comments section of every video. This is a real shame, because I miss the way that her videos used to be, but I still go back and watch her old vlog series, because I’m a loser like that.

EssieButtonVlogs (also EssieButton) – Watching Estee’s vlogs is one of my favourite ways to waste time. I think she’s absolutely stunning, but she has a very laid back attitude, and isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, so I can bear how pretty she is without getting too jealous. Her dog Reggie has become one of the animals that I (creepily) obsess over from afar, and she has inspired me to switch up my daily coffee for a nice big cup of tea. I tend to watch her Vlogs more than the videos on her regular channel, but those are always top quality when I tune into EssieButton.

ViviannaDoesMakeup – Anna recently started doing vlogs, and they’ve become one of my favourite videos to watch each week. I find her utterly gorgeous, and therefore lemming any beauty product she puts on her face (because obviously they’ll make ME just as gorgeous, right?!). I really love watching Anna’s videos, I think she seems like one of the loveliest people on youtube. Also, I want her hair. And wardrobe. And face.

Michele1218 – Michele was one of the first Youtube “gurus” I subscribed to, and I still watch her videos on a regular basis. Her vibe has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years, as she’s become a new mom and has a different focus now. Regardless of this change, I still love the content of her videos, and she remains one of my youtube style icons. Yet another youtube who I have massive hair envy for. Sigh.

Kimmmberleyy (also KimberleyReads) – Kimberley is one of the few Australian Youtubers that I watch. She has two channels, and I watch both pretty religiously. Her dog Luca is another animal that I obsess over from afar, and his cameos in Kimberley’s videos never fail to make me laugh. If you need some inspiration to read a book, her book channel is one of the things I watch to motivate myself to pick something up and READ.

Top 5 YouTube Channels

One of my favourite ways to gain inspiration for various projects (and to enable myself to buy stuff I really don’t need) is to watch YouTube. When I’m not randomly trawling through videos for something to watch I have a few channel subscriptions that I’m loyal to and watch frequently.

My Housewife Life – I love Jen. Watching her vlogs is one of my guilty pleasure past times. She’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Organized Like Jen – I believe this was Jen’s original channel, and it’s all about her organisation processes – how she’s set up her filofax, how she organises her house etc. Great if you’re needing some motivation to get your life in order.

Michele1218 – You may have seen me mention Michele a few times on the blog, as she is my #1 source of youtube enablement when it comes to jewelry, clothing and beauty products.

Kimberley – A fellow Australian beauty blogger, Kim’s dog Luca makes an appearance in nearly all of her videos and never fails to make me laugh.

Lillian Masie – This girl seems like one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. Her face is basically perfect, so she could slap any ol’ makeup on it and still look fantastic but she opts for drug store brands which makes her seem very approachable.