2011 Beauty Resolutions

Nabbing another great post idea from Stef at The Lip Print here with my 2011 Beauty Resolutions. Now most of us attempt to make personal “New Year” resolutions and most of us (including myself) tend to let these resolutions fall by the wayside around February of each year. As the years have progressed I’ve started to make a conscious effort to set goals for myself that I believe to actually be achievable. This year my main personal resolutions are health and finance oriented (as they are most years, funny enough) but I wanted to include some beauty resolutions on the blog because I do have some changes I wish to make this year. So my resolutions are as follows:

01: Participate in Project 10 Pan at the beginning and end of the year.
02: Search for decent foundation alternatives.
03: Swatch and review my entire makeup collection.
04: Update my makeup storage system.

And I think that will do me for now! What about you? What are your beauty-oriented resolutions for the year 2011?

9 Thoughts on “2011 Beauty Resolutions

  1. I guess mine would be stick to a nightly regimen. I always wash my face, but I should regularly start using night cream. I’ve been using “anti-aging” moisturizer and cleanser since I was 18, but I think it would do me a lot of good to mix in the night cream as well. Also, I have skin lightener for my one age spot but if I don’t use it regularly, how will it go away. I guess I just need to be more of a girl in general!

    • I like that goal – I have been really slack with sticking to my nightly routine lately. I think because in the summer I am too hot and lazy to bother going through an entire skin routine. I tend to cleanse, moisturise and that is it!

  2. I’m still thinking mine through, but as I wrote on Stef’s blog – something to do with decluttering and reducing what I have. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to go about it yet.

    • I am all about the decluttering so it’s not a big issue for me, it’s more an issue of using up what I actually WANT to be using before buying something new that I seem to struggle with :/

  3. I have formulated the general outline of my goals (though clarifying the details of how to achieve them has yet to occur. I am mostly focusing in reducing my spending and sticking with my commitments.
    As far as beauty related resolutions i suppose it would be the same as last year. Use up what i have before i buy new (though i do let myself get a present for my birthday and Christmas). While it did not work 100 percent last year, it worked well enough that i am going to attempt it again.

    • I like the idea of treating yourself on special occasions. I was thinking about doing something similar, or encouraging myself financially by setting aside a small amount each pay to spend when I reach one of my financial goals throughout the year.

  4. I really like and want to attempt #3 too. I think mine would be invest in good night time skin routine products and follow through, Organize, cause right now everything gets thrown in a bag, I think once I do that it’ll be easier so I can write down what I want to buy and check it with things I already have.
    See a dermatologist.

  5. I admire you so much for your diligence in goal setting, and that you actually seem to accomplish a far greater proportion of your goals than I ever do! I really enjoy reading about them!

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