Product Review: Ragged Blossom Beauty Eyeshadow in Siren

If you’ve not heard of the brand before, Ragged Blossom Beauty is an all natural, handmade Australian cosmetics company. I was sent 3 of their mineral eye shadows to try out and review, and this is the first of three reviews that I will post on the blog. The company owner Lindy was kind enough to send me three of the more neutral shades from her range, and my favourite of the three is definitely “Siren”. The packaging is similar to a lot of loose dust/pigment eyeshadows I’ve used in the past, as you can see in the pictures below.

As you can see from the pictures, the shadow contains some tiny glitter particles. These look absolutely beautiful in real life, and aren’t completely captured in the still shot. The shadow has a similar consistency to a MAC Pigment, or one of the Napoleon Perdis Loose Eyeshadow Dusts (both of which I have personally used in the past). The shade “Siren” is quite sheer and doesn’t have a lot of colour payoff, so I find that it works best when layered over a neutral shaded eyeshadow. (note: the swatch above has 3 layers of the shadow built up to give that sort of colour.) The Ragged Blossom Beauty mineral eyeshadows are handmade, and free from parabens, talc, oil, fragrance, bismuth oxycholoride, boron nitride, synthetic dyes & animal products (and are vegan friendly). The single eyeshadow pot retails for $9 AUD and can be purchased online from Ragged Blossom Beauty. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review.)

38 Thoughts on “Product Review: Ragged Blossom Beauty Eyeshadow in Siren

  1. This is why i wish i lived someplace else, you guys get all the goodies!
    This shade looks perfect for me, what i’d use for everyday wear.

  2. Hi

    I can’t understand what you don’t like about this product?
    This is a neutral shade, not a bright bold colour.
    I have nearly one of all of RBB’s colours and haven’t found one I don’t love to pieces yet.
    My suggestion to you is this:
    A primer should be always used when applying any makeup to get optimum results.
    It will ensure it will be long lasting.
    Secondly I would highly suggest to you that you use makeup brushes to apply your makeup.
    Also I would suggest also if you don’t get the colour you desire, and especially when you want more intensity I would apply it with a damp brush.

  3. It’s great to see Ragged Blossom Beauty getting their name out and about and I have to say that I’ve got nothing but the highest praise for this business and its products. I’ve tried a couple of the neutral shades (Siren being one of them) as well as quite a few of the gorgeous colours and have to say that I cannot fault them at all. I find that Siren does not require any more applications to achieve the desired “colour” if one can call it that, than any of the well known brands in my collection. In my opinion, neutral shades, by their very nature are not intended to impart great depth of colour. I find the actual colours have great wearability and last all day.

    Something I admire a great deal about Ragged Blossom Beauty is that the products are all handmade and packaged (very gorgeously in little paper bags stitched around the edges and tied closed with a pretty bow) by the owner, which makes one feel a little bit special! How often do proprietors purchase their products wholesale for a few cents from China, stick their own label on and put all their efforts into marketing “their” product for an astronomical mark-up?

    Judging by the favourable comments on RBB’s facebook page!/raggedblossombeauty I am not the only happy customer. I wish Ragged Blossom Beauty every success!

  4. @Vicki Firstly, she didn’t say that she didn’t like the shadow.

    Secondly, why are you so desperate for her to like it?

  5. @Bonnie So you’re from the company too?

    • I don’t think Bonnie is necessarily “from the company” – more likely just an enthusiastic customer?

      Personally I am yet to experiment with RBB (I have some on the way though!) – so I can only really comment on their customer service (which has been exemplary!) and the appearance of the product – I’ve really enjoyed seeing the variety of colours come out, and am definitely keen to try it out for myself.

      PS I don’t think the reviewer has criticised the product at all – she mentions the glitter particles being beautiful, and summarises it’s key features (ie. being natural, etc.) so I’d say this is a good review 🙂

      As for anyone concerned with colours – as one previous commenter mentioned, this kind of “neutral” tone is suited to her for everyday wear… others may find themselves more attracted to some of their highly vibrant peacock blues / luminous violets, and others to their more sultry dark charcoals or greens… I think the colour range they have at present should cater to all tastes.

      *NB I am not in any way affiliated with nor a representative of the company myself 🙂 *

  6. Claire on February 9, 2011 at 1:50 pm said:

    This looks like a nice color and I’m really liking the gold flecks in it. Too bad it isn’t highly pigmented or have a great color payoff.

  7. Mickie on February 9, 2011 at 1:56 pm said:

    Lovely blog, great review.

    As a customer, I have the same view as @Bonnie….

    @Dempeaux not getting much traffic to your blog hey?

  8. @Mickie … thanks for that chuckle 😛

  9. @Mickie @Em Not getting much business hey?

  10. Bonnie on February 9, 2011 at 7:18 pm said:

    @ Mickie I really like the belle lumiere blog too, full of interesting stuff.

    @ Dempeaux no I am not from the company nor associated in any way, I am a very happy customer and don’t mind saying so. If I were an unhappy customer I wouldn’t mind saying so either – you might then ask accusingly if I was from an opposing company!

    Why are you so desperate to discredit me and just about everyone else?

    • @Dempeaux I can only agree with what Bonnie has just said… you seem to just be out to try to discredit anything anyone else has to say on this page..! You come across as nothing more than just a bored, spoilt t**t with too much time on your hands…

      @the belle lumiere – what a fine asset to your page Dempeaux truly is…! For a review that, really, doesn’t say much at all, it’s a shame you’ve got such an unsightly blemish of a follower as dempeaux making others feel accused and attacked just for adding their opinions to your relatively mild piece.

  11. Thank you Em, your passive aggressive snarkiness is exactly what I want to be reading on my site at 5am. Your words prove that you are nothing more than what you accuse Dempeaux of being. She, on the other hand has not popped out of the Internet darkness to post a suspiciously blind pro-brand rant like the one in your comments, she has been a reader and commenter on my site for a long time. And, incidentally, the owner of a successful (and consiststantly useful) blog who obviously recognizes when something unusual is going on.

    My “relatively mild” review was for a relatively mild performing product, simple as that. If you have no affiliation with the brand/company I can’t imagine why you would have taken this all so personally.

    Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to you insights on my future posts and reviews of the ragged blossom beauty mineral eyeshadows.

  12. Natalie on February 10, 2011 at 6:18 am said:

    That review was as neutral as the shadow itself. In fact, the words “absolutely beautiful” would probably lend it to the positive.

    I’m sure the company would be rapt to see that it’s ‘supporters’ have done more to damage the reputation of the brand through some inept commenting than any perceived negativity of the review.

    Jess, great post as usual. You have a fantastic blog, as does @Dempaux.

  13. Belle,

    Great review but clearly you should have been using the Urban Decay Primer Potion and a MAC 239 brush to apply it.

    and Dempeaux, Shame on you for responding to a comment…you better get back to having too much time on your hands!

  14. how did this get so out of hand?? IT IS JUST EYE SHADOW people, NOT A RELIGION.

    I don’t normally let ‘supporters’ change my opinion on a company, but these nasty and mindless comments have left a bad taste in my mouth and I don’t think I will be seeking out the products any time soon. Making personal attacks on long time readers in the comments is just not on.

    Thanks Jess for the objective and detailed post.

  15. @Bonnie @Mickey @Em I don’t have to discredit you – you do a fine job of that all on your own.

    I shall write one last comment here.

    Congratulations, you’ve all created the opposite of what you wanted for your company. Belle’s review was accurate and honest; but now, whenever anyone does a cursory google search on your company, all of your bullying comments will show up and discredit your company again and again. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    I’ve read enough blogs, blog posts, and comments to know when something’s not right, and I have never seen so many comments telling the blogger off for an inaccurate/ negative post then directing them to their Facebook page to revel in the company’s supposed popularity. If you know anything about IP addresses, you’re probably not as anonymous as you think you are.

    People are not going to like your products simply because you want them to. I can only presume from your sensitivity about my comment on your lack of actual sales that things aren’t going too well. Believe me, this isn’t the way to help things along. Rather than bullying bloggers because of luke-warm reviews, why not just make a better product? Is it the fault of the makeup-buying public that your products are not popular?

    Lastly, honesty is one of the cornerstones of blogging. I’m willing to guess that Belle is not paid for blogging – she does it because she enjoys sharing her knowledge with other makeup-buyers out there. They, in turn, trust her to give them honest reviews. She has enough integrity and loyalty to her readers that she would never post a dishonest review, and you should respect that.

  16. @ Jessica – I wasn’t saying your review was negative/bad/whathaveyou… I mentioned earlier the review was good, if anything, somewhat complimentary to the product.

    All I meant was because the review just didn’t seem to offer much either way. people like myself added their own opinions to it (whether pro- RBB or not)…

    The review itself wasn’t disappointing… What I was saying WAS disappointing was the fact that one of your followers feels the need to be SO suspicious of anyone who added anything to what you had said!

    I apologise for it being 5am where you were, it certainly wasn’t only 5am where I am… I was never “telling you off”, I never directed you to their Facebook Page, and do not doubt for a second that your opinion is honest (as Dempeaux has insinuated)…

    As I have said before, I genuinely AM yet to try their products, and I haven’t taken your review “personally”… What I am taking personally is the fact that my having an opinon/ choosing to comment (despite that I mentioned I was not affiliated with the company, did not represent them, etc.) STILL – even in the last post – resulted in retorts from Dempeaux claiming I (and other commenters) *MUST* belong to the business! All I was saying to you is that it’s disappointing that you’d allow a follower to make new visitors to your blog feel victimised or attacked like that…

    • I’m sorry you feel as if you’ve been attacked or victimized here Em. I can’t help how you react or respond to things and I hope you understand this and are not disappointed that I can’t control that particular aspect of this situation.

      I think basically there has been a misunderstanding amongst a few of us here, as can often happen with online communication. Dempeaux’s reaction was (I believe) in defense of the fact that companies do often send people in to post lengthy “comeback” comments on blog reviews of products that may not be entirely glowing or enthusiastic. This has happened and will continue to happen if we as bloggers don’t start calling these companies out on this particular practice.

      Having said that, if you were honestly just posting your personal opinion on the product that is great and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my review. What I don’t appreciate is unfounded name calling, so please avoid doing that if you do intend on posting here in the future. Thanks x

  17. @Jessica – yes, perhaps that is what has happened… Yet I don’t see how Dempeaux felt it her place to go on to single out each and every one of us who commented on your post… I came to your site out of interest (after seeing you’d done a review on RBB) to see what was said, and I added my bit only on what I could rightly comment on (their service, and the fact I like the look of their colours)… The name-calling I apologise may have been uncalled for… And makes me no better than her really. I apologise. I just didn’t appreciate she felt the need to insinuate I was anything else but an interested person… I shan’t do so in future, and I look forward to your other reviews. x

  18. I’m afraid Natalie has hit the nail very squarely on the head!

    As the owner of RBB I’m thoroughly saddened and disappointed to see the escalation of comments here this morning. Ragged Blossom Beauty is something I put a lot of bloody hard work into (it’s just me- I’m a sole proprietor, not a company, I don’t even have another person working for me); I care about my customers and I care about the quality of my products. I asked The Belle Lumiere to do a review which means I invited Jessica to try my products and share her opinion because I loved the blog and her writing style.

    I really appreciate her honesty in the review, and under no circumstances did I think it was terrible, negative or apocalyptic.
    Personally I did wonder if she was disappointed in the product, so I emailed her to clarify (asking her about the performance etc) to discuss possible areas of improvement; as well as expressing my gratitude for the post.

    I also linked the review to RBB facebook page, commenting “I can’t really tell if she liked them?” for transparency to my customers and/or possible customers, opposed to propaganda inciting a slanging match. Too which most agreed it was in fact, a positive/good review.

    I didn’t encourage or ask, let alone personally write, any pro-brand comments; which I’m sure the IP addresses can confirm.
    A simple glance over RBB facebook page will also reveal that those who complimented the brand in the comments of this post are active customers on the page, and before it’s likely to be surmised… I’m not into identity stealing!

    I look forward to reading Jessica’s other posts (all post’s, not just about RBB), they’re her opinions and last time I checked it was OK to have opinions 🙂

  19. @ Dempeaux – I take great offence at your sniping comments about the damage I have done to “my company”. How many times do I have to tell you before it sinks in, that I have no connection with Ragged Blossom Beauty other than as a satisfied customer. I “know” the owner through my purchases of eyeshadows from her – I have paid for each and every one I own. She has been very friendly, helpful and professional at all times.

    Your insinuation that my IP address is one and the same as the company is wrong – I never touch anyone else’s computer and no-one touches mine. If you know anything about IP addresses take another look and tell me they are the same.

    @Jessica – when I first visited your blog (to read RBB’s review) I was very impressed, it all seemed so interesting and professional. The way I feel now is that I have been all but hounded off your blog for daring to express a positive opinion.

  20. In hindsight Lindy, perhaps next time you’re unsure about a reviewer’s stance the wise thing to do would be to ask them privately to clarify, rather than make a public statement that to those who don’t know you may come across as passive aggressive.

    • @ Bonnie – that was the same sentiment I had… that I felt hounded just for expressing an opinion. From someone who isn’t even the author of this blog no less. And that the blog-owner does nothing to prevent it, that’s what got me upset/disappointed…

      @Dee – how do you know she didn’t/hasn’t?

      Honestly – What is it with commenters picking on other commenters on this blog, really? I know I did – but only in response to what I received…!

      If anything I think in hindsight, the blog owner need consider moderating/approving comments prior to them being published, rather than allowing commenters to target other commenters like this…

    • I did email Jessica first, as I mentioned in my previous post; to obtain her unpublished thoughts & clarify which areas of the product didn’t perform so well in order to make improvements. Perhaps you can verify this with her?
      Whilst waiting on a reply I added the review link to facebook, which was for transperency purposes not to incite a war or bring discredit to the blog… my sincerest apologies if this didn’t seem the case.
      Like Jessica mentioned in an earlier post, I too am unable to control how people perceive the written word… I find it frustrating I can’t convey my ‘tone’, but I can assure you my comment included with the link on FB was not one of nastiness or aggression (suggestive or otherwise) but merely a question 🙂

  21. @Jen – I think you’ll find it was a “long-time” follower that instigated nastiness, personal attacks and hounding, not the newcomers… any newcomer that dared come along with an opinion was accused of being an ‘insider’… anything said by anyone new was said only in defense to the reception we received. Are you therefore condoning these sorts of actions? It’s ok for long-time followers to treat every single new person as though their intentions are self-interested and untrue?!

    • I am not condoning anything. As I mentioned earlier, personal attacks are discouraged and will be addressed. I addressed the issue between Dempeaux and yourself. The situation was explained to you and the reason for the accusations made clear. If you are still so upset about this, perhaps it would be a good idea to put things into perspective a little? I think everyone has moved on now, it might be a good idea to consider doing the same. I’m not going to sit here and try to be a moderator between adults posting comments on makeup reviews online. Most people seem to be able to play nicely and I’m sure this won’t be happening again in the future.
      If unfortunately it does, well I’ll just have to address it all over again.

      • The comment was directed at Jen… who most recently brought it up again and targeted the newcomers as though it was their fault. When actually it was an “old” follower who instigated the whole thing. Her justification for now being turned off the product was apparently due to the behaviour of newcomers with something to say about the product, and saying it’s “not on” to treat old followers like that… when in fact, it was the older members that set it off. Like I say, god forbid any newcomer feel like they have a right to say anything without being criticised or judged…

  22. What I fail to understand about this whole debacle (which I have refrained from commenting on until now) is that Jess did not post a negative review of this product, so for the life of me I cannot understand why people who are obvious fans of the product, became so defensive? I also found the seeming condescending suggestions to Jess to improve her application techniques almost laughable – you generally don’t find people writing a well established and respected beauty blog such as this who don’t know what a primer or make up brush are…

    Keep up the fantastic work Jess – I eagerly read every single one of your posts with great interest, and even if you post a review explaining that a product doesn’t work for you – not once has it been in a way to badmouth a company or product – but merely a conclusion that it hasn’t worked for you. Which is what excellent beauty writing is all about 😀

    • @Lucy – I can maintain I never thought it was a bad review, and hence my comments were never ‘on the defense’ of what Jessica had said in her review… Also I do very much agree with the point you’ve made that assuming Jessica didn’t use a primer or a correct brush for application was a bit pre-emtive on that particular commenter’s behalf – maybe they assumed she didn’t because she didn’t mention in the review what she did/didn’t use when applying the product?? Who knows, but yes, it was indeed condecending and perhaps unwise on the first respondents behalf…

      As stated, the only issue I’ve had is that one (the first) newcomer making one out of line comment spiralled into EVERY newcomer then being treated negatively… Which was disappointing. Indeed I became defensive, but only in regards to the way I was being treated, not in regards to the product itself 😉

  23. @ Jessica – in the interests of honesty and integrity or the lack of for that matter, I (and I’m sure others) would be very interested to hear whether you can confirm or deny Lindy Summerton’s statement that she contacted you to “obtain your unpublished thoughts & clarify which areas of the product didn’t perform so well in order to make improvements”, as Dee said in hindsight that she should have done?

    I would have thought this would have been done as a matter of course, to promote an image of professionalism and to help “take control” of the situation, but I’ve given up waiting for your response, hence my question! I realise you are probably a very busy person and if you simply haven’t got to it yet, I offer my apologies.

    @ Lucy I can’t see how you interpreted people becoming defensive of the product (apart from one comment)? Jessica was asked to do a review, to give her opinion which she did, and I agree it wasn’t a bad review. It’s a fact of life that not everything works for everyone. This whole dabacle has spiralled from the insulting inuendos made by a long standing commenter on the intentions of new commenters – not about the product, the company or the review.

  24. thanks Jessica.

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