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Do you have a style muse? A celebrity (or perhaps someone outside of the fame cycle) who inspires you in the way that you look, and the way that you dress? I do, and I have for years. In fact I still remember the first time I saw a picture of her that inspired me in a style sense, and it was from that moment as a teenager I really started to pay attention to the way I presented myself. The muse in question is no other than the beautiful Liv Tyler.

Through her I learned to embrace my fair skin. I discovered the perfect go-to-outfit. I became obsessed with Lanvin ballet flats. I was exposed to Givenchy cosmetics. I started to appreciate the fact that less is often more when it comes to makeup, and that clear fresh skin looks better than a face full of foundation any day. Over the years I have of course developed my own sense of style and taste, but I often look back at pictures of Liv to recapture that feeling of inspiration that she never fails to provide me. Do you have a muse?

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  1. Hm. That’s a hard question for me to answer. I think the first person I ever saw who I thought “I want to dress like that” would be Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor. (See image here – I was about 11 or 12 and I remember being struck by how dashing and sophisticated it all looked, although at the time I didn’t know that is what it was.

    Now, having money, I’ve started to put some ensembles together in homage to Pertwee’s style with my waist coats, cravat shirts and big-cuffed frock coat.

  2. Molly Sims. Every time I see a photo of her somewhere er outfit/look is always incredibly chic and something I’d like to try myself.

  3. I used to be really influenced by the Olsen Twins style. Now that Im travelling a lot it is all about being practical and buying what fits when I can find it (and only if I can squeeze it into my backpack). When I worked in an office I was definetly inspired by Joan from Mad Men. Hated working in an office, but loved buying Sexy Secretary clothes. Siobhan

  4. You know mine…Dianna Agron. 🙂

  5. Such a great post, I love the things you can learn from people like that.
    I don’t have one style muse like that but the Olsen twins have always been my favourite. They taught me the value of good quality basics, especially tshirts. Now that I’ve ‘grown up’ a bit my style is changing – for the better defiantly.

  6. I don’t really have a muse- Im trying to think who it would be if I did now.

    That’s a cute little go-to pic, Liv always looks very comfortable in her own skin.

  7. Style wise definitely Diane Kruger for me. She has that ideal balance (ideal to me) of feminine elegance and creative/unexpected flair. Beauty AND style wise … Cate Blanchett, Grace Kelly, Natalie Portman.

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