Product Review: MAC Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch

And now to wrap up what feels like a very long and confused ‘eyeshadow week’, allow me to introduce you all to my favourite eyeshadow; MAC’s Naked Lunch. I originally bought this shadow after reading countless positive reviews on it, and also after discovering that Selena Gomez apparently loves it. (Yes, I’m just that cool.) Also, I couldn’t really resist the name of the shadow… It’s perfectly quirky. As for the shadow itself, the perfect all over lid colour and also looks great as a highlight colour with darker shadows.

It’s classified as a ‘frost’ shadow, so it does give a bit of sheen to the eyelid which may put some people off. I quite like it though, and as the shade is similar to my natural skintone, the frost effect doesn’t stand out too much. It’s the perfect shimmery wash of champagne colour, and I wear it pretty much every day (when I’m not wearing MAC’s Blanc Type that is). As with all other MAC eyeshadows I’ve tried, it is smooth to apply, densely pigmented and long wearing. MAC’s Naked Lunch eyeshadow retails for $33 AUD and can be purchased from the MAC website.

Product Review: Shiseido Silky Eye Duo in Taffeta Taupe

Looking back, I’m pretty sure that the Shiseido Silky Eye Duo was the first eyeshadow duo I ever purchased. As you can probably tell, I’ve used it a lot and even to the point of hitting pan (so yes ladies, it can happen!). The quality of the Shiseido eyeshadows are amazing, they are super smooth to apply, highly pigmented and very easy to work with (even for blending novices like myself). The main issue I have with the shadows is how much fallout they give within the actual packaging. It’s like a sparkle bomb went off in there, and although it probably doesn’t make too much of a difference to the level of product remaining it does seem like a bit of a waste. While wearing it, the shimmer in the shadow isn’t too overwhelming and I can happily sport it in the corporate office environment without looking like I plan to duck out to a rave during my lunch break.

I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, purely because the shape of the palette makes it hard for me to fit it in with the other products in my makeup organiser. Despite that functional flaw (which would probably only annoy me), the palette does look rather sleek and attractive. After initially purchasing this I had a few of the different colour duos on my to-buy list, but I can’t for the life of me remember why I never got around to buying them. It’s possible that price might have something to do with it, as from memory they retail in Australian department stores for close to $70 AUD. Now that I’ve dug this palette back out of the depths of my collection, I’m once again considering investing in a few other shades, especially considering the fact that you can currently pick them up for $30.50 AUD over on Strawberrynet.

Product Review: Ragged Blossom Beauty E/S in French Gem

You may or may not remember my rather eventful first review of the Ragged Blossom Beauty mineral eyeshadows, and I do hope that this one runs a little bit smoother than the first. I was sent three of the Ragged Blossom Beauty eyeshadows for trial and review, and French Gem is my current favourite of the three. It is a super sparky, pinkish gold shade that I have been wearing a lot on nights out on the town. A friend of mine also borrowed and wore the shadow, and it looks particularly gorgeous on blue eyes.

The pigmentation of this shadow seems to pack a lot more punch than the first that I reviewed, and it applies very smoothly. The only down side is that there is quite a bit of fallout due to the large amounts of shimmer in the shadow, but this can be managed with a dusting of loose powder under the eyes as prep before applying. The Ragged Blossom Beauty mineral eyeshadows are handmade, and free from parabens, talc, oil, fragrance, bismuth oxycholoride, boron nitride, synthetic dyes & animal products (and are vegan friendly). The single eyeshadow pot retails for $9 AUD and can be purchased online from Ragged Blossom Beauty. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review.)

Product Review: Inglot Eyeshadow Palette

Firstly, as much as I love this eyeshadow palette and the Inglot ‘freedom system‘, it annoys me no end that there is no mention of which shades you’ve chosen anywhere on the packaging. In the future I will definitely make a point of asking the MU Artist to jot down which colours I’ve purchased, to save me from doubling up. If you’ve not seen an Inglot stall before, there are a LOT of varying shades within the colour range, so the possibility of me forgetting what I already have and repurchasing the same eyeshadow is pretty high. Having said that, I do love the two colours that I purchased, and the service at the Inglot stall was second to none. The MU Artist that served my BFF & I was friendly, knowledgeable and not at all pushy. All of the things I admire in a good sales assistant.

Basically with the Inglot ‘freedom system’ you can mix and match whichever colours you fancy into your own palettes. I had a hankering for some purple/plum toned shades and these are the two that the MU Artist suggested would go well together. I love them. The quality of the shadows is amazing, they are smooth to apply and easy to blend and very long lasting (yes I was naughty over the weekend and didn’t remove my makeup after the wedding I attended, and the shadow was still perfectly in place the next day). They’re also quite cheap, with the 2 palette eyeshadow pans retailing for $28 AUD. I will definitely be heading back to buy more from this brand in the future. You can find your local Inglot stockist on their website.

Dermalogica ‘Bride To Be’ Skin Savvy Workshops

It seems to be wedding season in my life at the moment, with the invitations to the nuptials of friends and family piling up (in fact I have only just returned this afternoon from a trip away to attend a family wedding). Dermalogica seem to be making the most of this timing, and have set up Skin Savvy workshops around Australia throughout the month of March for brides and bridal parties to-be. What is a Skin Savvy workshop? Basically the opportunity to work with Dermalogica skin experts and to learn how to ensure picture perfect skin on the big day. You’ll also receive refreshments and have the chance to experience Dermalogica products for yourself (and yes, there will be goodie bags!). You will also have the opportunity to win a VIP Skin Treatment and Dermalogica products valued at over $300 AUD. I absolutely love the Dermalogica brand (as I’m sure you’ve noticed me mention time and time again) and I can’t think of a better skin care brand to put your photo-ready faith in before the big day. To sign up, check the Bride To Be website for times and locations, and email Dermalogica to RSVP.