Wardrobe Wednesday: Bangles/Bracelets

I currently have an obsession with tracking down unique pieces of jewelry on ebay and etsy (my latest purchase being this beautiful necklace) and my collection of bangles and bracelets seems to be expanding the most. Here is a selection of my favourite bangles from my current collection…

01: I found this bangle after one of my obsessive late night coffee fueled ‘peacock’ search-fests of the Etsy vintage section. (God that makes me sound like a crazy person.) This beautiful thing comes from India and although it’s not as sparkly as I’d hoped, it’s still an amazing piece. 02: This was a cheap and cheerful purchase from Forever 21, and actually came in a set with some other gold bangles. This was the standout of the bunch, and although the picture doesn’t capture it, the stones hit the light beautifully and this bangle really sparkles in the sun.

03: This little guy was an impulse purchase from ASOS during autumn/winter last year. I still love him and he looks amazing with an all-black ensemble. (and yes, I’ve decided this bangle is a ‘he’) The picture doesn’t show, but the eyes are little green gems that sparkle under lights and look amazing. 04: This bangle was a gift from my grandmother, who bought it for me after I complimented the one she was wearing. It has a magnetic core that is supposed to help promote internal balance & relaxation.

05: This beautiful jade bangle was a gift to me from my best friend after her travels through China. It has the most gorgeous workings of pink through the dark green jade. I love it. 06: I bought this pure rose quartz bangle from a market stall in Chinatown in Singapore during my trip there a couple of years back. I don’t really wear it as often as I should, as it’s really gorgeous and the pink looks great against my fair skin.

The next bracelet that will be joining my collection is this little spooky yet beautiful evil eye number from Etsy. I can’t wait to receive it, I am in dire need of some good karma and bad energy repellent!