Work Style Monday – Autumn Woes & Wishlist

To all of my fellow Aussies out there, I’m sure you feel my pain right now. Autumn in Australia is a confusing thing. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t just automatically switch from BOILING HOT to relatively mild when the seasons change from Summer to Autumn. If anything, Summer decides to stick around for way too long like a family member overstaying their welcome. (Summer, you were wonderful on first arrival but now you’re annoying, please leave immediately.) This confused weather pattern creates something of a problem when deciding what to wear to work throughout the week. When I leave the house at the crack of dawn, it’s cold. Cold enough to wear stockings and a scarf. By the afternoon, it’s hot. Hot enough to melt the makeup off of your face and turn everything that you could have easily dealt with earlier that morning (like fellow commuters leaning on your back for an arm rest, or smacking you with their backpack as they walk down the aisle of the train) into the single most annoying things that could ever happen to you in your lifetime. Nevertheless I am still daydreaming of the cold weather and planning my Autumn/Winter purchases for this year, like these pieces from Jacqui E