Product Review: Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Oil

Allow me to introduce you all to my most reached for hair product of the moment, the Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Oil. Unless you’ve been living in an argan-oil-is-awesome free zone, you would have heard of Moroccanoil, which has now hit cult status in the beauty world. I was really curious when I first received the Seven Wonders products to see how they would stand up against the infamous Moroccanoil range. So far I have not been disappointed. I decided to start trialling the Treatment Oil first, and plan to post my reviews of the shampoo & conditioner at a later date. Now, to the oil. First of all I find the smell of the Seven Wonders oil to be a lot more pleasant than Moroccanoil. It’s a fresh, almost floral scent that doesn’t linger for too long on the hair, but smells lovely while applying the product. The results are pretty much everything you want from a Moroccan hair oil – soft, silky and shiny. I couldn’t stop touching my hair after first trying this product out, it was so silky. (This became quite obsessive and unnecessary after a while, but whatevs. Silky hair is the cat’s pyjamas.) Lastly, one of the biggest perks about the Seven Wonders oil is the packaging. The bottle comes with an easy to use pump top which is far easier to manage with slippery oil covered hands than the screw top bottle, let me tell you. The Seven Wonders products are also sulphate and paraben free, bonus points for that. The Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Oil retails for $34.95 AUD and can be purchased from health food stores and pharmacies nation wide, and you can find your local stockist on the Seven Wonders website. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review)

5 Thoughts on “Product Review: Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Oil

  1. I think I want to buy this. Also, *strokes your hair*

  2. It sounds amazing! But is seems like they don’t sell their products online, do they?

    I actually got some argan oil from Morocco, it makes my hair look fantastic, but the downside to it is that it just smells terribly.


  3. Oooh, I’ll have to look out for this. The original Moroccan Oil I was buying is annoying in it’s pour bottle. A pump bottle sounds much better!!

  4. I have just come across your review of the Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil because I have seen that its for sale on but I have never heard of it so googled it to find out! Sounds pretty good and a lot cheaper than the usual stuff we all buy and lets face it, it all comes from the same tree so why pay more! I will buy some and give it a shot and let you know what I think.

  5. roonapa on July 31, 2012 at 3:10 pm said:

    OK its been nearly a month since I bought the oil and also the conditioner and its AMAZING! I really didn’t think the oil would stack up to the normal Moroccan Oil but I think it was even better. I agree with your review about touching my hair all the time, it feels lovely! I will definitely keep using seven wonders and I might try the oil spray next time as well.

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