Wardrobe Wednesday: Mini Clothing Haul

I had been recently eyeing off a few pieces at ASOS, so come pay day I decided to donate a large chunk of my salary to the cause and buy the clothes I had been lusting after. Of course, as soon as I went to add these particular pieces to my cart I noticed that the majority of them had sold out. Brilliant. Choosing to ignore this sign from the cosmos that perhaps I should be saving my pennies, I headed over to Country Road online and ordered some shoes instead. These are the three items that I ended up buying –

I don’t know how many pairs of black leather ballet flats I have gone through in my lifetime, but I know I get my monies worth because I literally wear them until they fall to pieces. As I’ve mentioned previously, the Country Road ballet flats are my favourites (trumped only by Lanvin ballet flats, which at close to $800 a pop are more a ‘special occasion’ shoe than anything else. or a pipe dream. let’s go with special occasion shoe.) and I wear them to work practically every day of the week.

6 Thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday: Mini Clothing Haul

  1. I bought a top similar to yours 2 summers ago. Mine is silk chiffon, with a navy background. Apart from the impracticality of the fabric (it snags easily) it has proved an excellent buy. I can wash it by hand in a hotel sink and it dries overnight. I can wear it over a very thin tee shirt or a cami. It is very flattering – brilliant.
    Hope you get as much use from your purchase.

  2. Oh my Lord. I looked at that top on ASOS and bought a pair of those black flats about a fortnight ago. I love them too. I bought the bronze at DFO for $25 the other day and they are just so comfortable.

  3. I love that top – it’s so cute!!
    After reading this you inspired me to pull out my own Country Road flats! I love them too!

  4. lovely shoes!

  5. I like the black leather ballet flats you ended up with. I would love to get a similar pair for myself.

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