Product Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil

Those of you who often shop at Big W will know about their sneaky little mini product section near the checkouts. I often impulse buy random products from this section purely because they’re miniature (aka travel sized), and cheap. Also, it’s something to do while I wait in line. (Don’t think I don’t see what you did there Big W…) The best thing that has come out of these mini-product splurge episodes for me is the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil. My skin has been absolutely drinking this stuff in now that it’s really getting cold here in Australia. I find it’s usually best to apply body oil to damp(ish) skin, and this one is no different so I tend to use this oil straight after hopping out of the shower. One thing I will note is that the smell is very strong. In fact the super strong, sickly-sweet fragrance of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range normally puts me off of their products but this is somehow bearable. If you want to smell like chocolate, this product is for you. You can purchase the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil 250ml online from E Pharmacy for $9.39 AUD.

4 Thoughts on “Product Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil

  1. Claire on June 5, 2011 at 3:43 pm said:

    I love this stuff so much. I have several of their products and I can’t rave enough about them. I’m in the US and the Summer sun is just being brutal on my skin but this has been so moisturizing. I really don’t mind the smell or find it strong but I’ve been using it for quite a while so maybe I just got used to it?

  2. I love oil based products but find this a little too sweet smelling alright- verrry strong smell!

  3. Oh man, I am a sucker for travel sized toiletries – I’ll have to keep an eye out for this next time I’m at Big W!

  4. Akila on June 7, 2011 at 5:41 am said:

    I absolutely love the smell! And it does fade quite quickly too, so you wont smell like cake batter all day long.

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