Product Review: Inglot Lipstick #230

I am slowly but steadily making my way into the world of bright coloured lipstick. It seems like a slippery slope and I get the feeling that once I become accustomed to wearing bright shades, I’ll never go back. Considering how quickly I fell in love with Inglot’s selection of bright lip colours (to die for, btw) I can see this becoming a new addiction. My current favourite? Inglot’s lipstick #230.

This may just be the loveliest blue-red lipstick I have ever laid eyes on. It is also very long lasting, and managed to make it through an entire night of drinking and debauchery without leaving me looking like an addled minded mess. (Well… Yeah… Kind of.) The Inglot lipstick formula is paraben free, and not tested on animals. You can purchase the Inglot lipstick #230 on the Inglot website for $27 AUD. Note: I wear this lipstick paired with the Inglot Soft Prescision Lipliner in #58.

6 Thoughts on “Product Review: Inglot Lipstick #230

  1. Very pretty! I like the idea of bright lipstick and sometimes I think it looks nice on me and then other times I can’t get it off fast enough! I think it depends on my mood!

  2. Debauchery proof hmm…? I might need one of these 🙂 the red is gorgeous

  3. GlossQueen on June 9, 2011 at 2:50 pm said:

    That’s such a beautiful colour. I need to check it out, anything that will last through a long night sounds like something I need (although I’d be wanting it to last through a long day, my nights of debauchery are on hold at the moment).

  4. That is stunning! I wants it.

  5. Lucy on June 10, 2011 at 9:52 am said:

    That’s such a stunning colour! I haven’t managed to try a bright lipstick that I feel comfortable wearing – but this one is tempting me!

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