Day Zero Project – Goal #64

One of my Day Zero Project Goals is to watch 10 documentaries. Unsurprising as it is, there are some pretty awesome documentaries on Youtube if you have the time and can be bothered to look. The first documentary that I watched (and am about to share with you) is a short 20 minute piece titled “Year of 4” which centres around Beyonce and the making of her latest album and the film clip for Run The World. If you already love Beyonce you will definitely enjoy this and if you don’t like her, well honestly I think you’re a little bit strange.

6 Thoughts on “Day Zero Project – Goal #64

  1. If you like Beyonce you PROBABLY arent a Metallica fan, but the Some Kind of Monster documentary is REALLY great. my partner loved it and he hates metallica. it’s riveting.

    Also hugely recommend King of Kong. about competitive arcade gaming with the most likeable everyman hero and douchey villain ever.

  2. Claire on July 19, 2011 at 10:09 pm said:

    I’ve seen Some Kind of Monster as well and second that it is a GREAT watch. It was fascinating to watch everything unravel the way it did and had some funny moments.
    I just watched the Beyonce Year of 4 it was interesting, personally there is something about her, that I can’t pinpoint, that annoys me to no end. She has great music though.

  3. The best documentary I have ever seen is called “My Flesh and Blood”, about an American lady who fosters disabled children. It’s very powerful and real. I would recommend it… but when you are in a thoughtful mood. It’s not fun to watch, but not depressing either. Just makes you appreciate what you have even more. xx

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