Product Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coral Berry

After reading Jen’s review of the three new Revlon shades released recently, I decided to head to my local Revlon counter and peruse their selection of lip shades. Regardless of the fact that nothing ever looks as good on my face as it does on Jen’s, I was determined to give the Revlon lipsticks a try. I tried out the three shades that Jen reviewed in her post, but none of them looked that great on my skin tone so instead I opted for Coral Berry (in place of the brighter orange shade Siren).

This is a really gorgeous coral shade that I think would work well on pretty much any skin tone. The lipstick wears reasonably well in regards to not smudging, though it does not last for an exceptionally long amount of time on the lips and I needed to touch it up a few times throughout the day. I really like the formulation of the lustrous lipsticks, as they are not completely opaque and feel quite moisturising on the lips. The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coral Berry retails for $21.95 AUD and can be purchased from pharmacies and department stores Australia wide.

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