Man Booker Prize Shortlist 2011

Each year I like to share the Man Booker Shortlist with those of you who are always on the hunt for a good book to read. I also try to read all six of the shortlisted books every year, but have never quite managed to achieve this goal. Last year I managed to read two out of five, but one of them (Room by Emma Donogue) ended up being one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’ll be trying to read the shortlist again in 2011, and because of my 50 Book Challenge I think I might actually have a pretty good chance of getting through all 6 of the books this year. (I currently have 21 books left to read in 2011) So without further ado, the six books shortlisted for the award this year are –

Will you read any of the shortlisted books this year?

3 Thoughts on “Man Booker Prize Shortlist 2011

  1. A couple of those look really interesting. Jamrach’s Menagerie sounds good although the description doesn’t tell me much but I love adventure novels.

  2. I used to follow the Man Booker prize shortlist every year too- then uni and work came along and I stopped reading. Definitely going to get back into the shortlists.

    One thing that puts me off recent release books these days are they all seem to have these ridiculous cartoon covers.

  3. I just read through the descriptions of them all and can’t say any sound remotely appealing unfortunately.

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