The Well-Being Wednesday Challenge (today on Friday)

Let us all join hands and frolic together in the fields. No, not really. Peeps, it’s time to get on board. I figure that the more of us who participate in this, the more fun it will be and the more accountable I will feel (and will therefore try a bit harder). I am borrowing this idea from Antishay who started posting her new “Accountability Challenge” videos a couple of weeks ago. I found the idea really interesting and was instantly inspired and then… went back to my normal routine of doing next to nothing. But today while I was sitting at my desk being the sedentary creature that I am I had the idea that maybe we could make it a communal blogger/reader challenge and how that might make it a little bit more interesting. So here are the rules, but play with them in whichever way suits you best –

01) Once a week (whatever day suits you, I’ll be posting on a Wednesday) write up a challenge for yourself for the following week. This can be health, fitness, lifestyle, whatever related. Whatever you want to challenge yourself to do – you decide. There will also be a group challenge posted once a week for those who want to participate in that too.

02) The following week, if you’ve succeeded in your goals, put $5 aside for yourself. I am going to physically put money into a jar, because I find that watching the money pile up will help keep me on track. I like money.

03) Set yourself a new goal for the following week, complete it, put the money in the jar and so on and so on…

(If you are going to join in, please post a comment below and leave a link to your blog if you have one and I will set up a little blogroll at the end of each ‘Well-Being Wednesday’ post so that people can follow who is participating)

Okay, so this is the first week, and the group challenge is

Work out 3 times this week

(Yes, I also borrowed that idea from Antishay!)

My personal challenge is –

Track everything I eat

Sounds pretty simple, no? Well let’s see how we go.

Participating so far… Emma, Jade, Claire, Rach, Jayme & Kimberley.