Beauty Haul: Haus Of Gloi

It’s time to open the door and let Haus of Gloi into your life. I’d seen products from this brand popping up on various blogs and had always been curious about them, but every time I visited the website the products that I wanted were already sold out. Woe. Thankfully, a few weeks ago when I hopped over to Haus of Gloi to have a browse everything I wanted was in stock! I ordered: Troika Pumpkin Butter, Troika Bubbling Scrub (sample size), Vice Pumpkin Butter (sample size) and Ghost Puffs Pumpkin Butter (sample size and a Halloween special edition). I am already madly in love with this brand, and have since placed a second order for more goodies with some of the ladies at work. Enabling complete.

2 Thoughts on “Beauty Haul: Haus Of Gloi

  1. Oh lucky! I’m having the same dilemma, there are quite a few items I want to buy but they are sold out. 🙁

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