Product Review: Terax Crema Conditioner

I am quite amazed that I haven’t reviewed this product yet as it’s one of my most re-purchased products, well, ever. I was originally introduced to this conditioner many moons ago, after reading that Liv Tyler was a huge fan of the product. As Liv Tyler has perfect hair and is my residing hair idol, I rushed out immediately and bought myself a mammoth tub of the stuff. I originally started using Terax Crema back when it came packaged in a baby blue tube and smelt like a less than joyful mix of toxic chemicals. Since then, the packaging has changed, the smell has changed (it’s now a subtle caramel vanilla sort of scent though hard to describe exactly) but the product is still the same and it still works wonders on my hair. I have fine hair that I wash every day, and this conditioner doesn’t weight it down at all. It does however leave it soft, silky and shiny. Perfection. The Terax Crema Conditioner retails for $29.95 AUD and can be purchased from Adore Beauty.