Well-Being Wednesday Challenge #3

Being the switched on person that I am, I completely forgot to post a Well-Being Wednesday Challenge last week. (It might have something to do with the fact that I fell off of the wagon with all challenges… fail.) Well it’s time to get back on the wagon, so here we are again. I did not achieve any of the goals for the past challenge, so no money is going into the jar. My grand total so far is $5. Hey big spender. And now for this week’s challenges. They are:

Group Challenge – attend a group workout class

Personal Challenge – no alcohol for a week

Plus the previous weeks challenges: workout at least 3 times a week, track all food intake, reduce sugar in coffee and eat at least 3 fresh salads. How is everyone else going with their challenge? Don’t forget to head over and visit the following ladies who are also partaking in Wellbeing Wednesday: Emma, Jade, Claire, Rach, Jayme, Kimberley, Sabine & Annette

Product Review: Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion

Summer is coming, which means it’s time to start baring the flesh you’ve been keeping hidden for the world for a few months (Unless of course you’re one of those people who parade around in tiny little dresses in the freezing cold without tights or a jacket on – and if you are, my apologies as I’ve probably laughed at you at some stage). I have been using the Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Daily Light Lotion as part of my routine for summer preparation, and am loving it. The lotion is lightweight, absorbs quickly into skin and feels lovely and moisturising. The aloe smell is light and super refreshing, and one of my friends even complimented me on my perfume when all I was wearing is this lotion. Nice! It also contains SPF 15, which will help to block 93% of the suns nasty rays. If you’re in the market for a hard working lightweight body moisturiser this season, this could be just the product for you. The Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Daily Light Lotion retails for $7.68 AUD and is available for purchase from supermarkets and pharmacies throughout Australia. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review)