Well-Being Wednesday Challenge #3

Being the switched on person that I am, I completely forgot to post a Well-Being Wednesday Challenge last week. (It might have something to do with the fact that I fell off of the wagon with all challenges… fail.) Well it’s time to get back on the wagon, so here we are again. I did not achieve any of the goals for the past challenge, so no money is going into the jar. My grand total so far is $5. Hey big spender. And now for this week’s challenges. They are:

Group Challenge – attend a group workout class

Personal Challenge – no alcohol for a week

Plus the previous weeks challenges: workout at least 3 times a week, track all food intake, reduce sugar in coffee and eat at least 3 fresh salads. How is everyone else going with their challenge? Don’t forget to head over and visit the following ladies who are also partaking in Wellbeing Wednesday: Emma, Jade, Claire, Rach, Jayme, Kimberley, Sabine & Annette

4 Thoughts on “Well-Being Wednesday Challenge #3

  1. LOL I failed my challenges last week too BOOOOOO

  2. I made it last week again, yay! Next one will be tough – and involves being in my skivvies every day in a cold cold bathroom as I dry-brush my way to glowing skin and health πŸ˜‰

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