Product Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is a thing of myth and legend. It is a much marvelled thing of beauty that every girl and her sister were chomping at the bit to get earlier this year. I managed to snag one for myself via Sephora online (who now seem to have them constantly in stock, if you’re interested) and I’ve been using it off and on since it’s triumphant arrival at my door. The colour I’ve been using most within the palette would definitely have to be ‘Sin’.

Sin is a gorgeous, satin champagne coloured shadow that I like to wear as an all-over-lid shade. I think it’s probably the most wearable shade in the entire palette alongside Virgin. Urban Decay eyeshadows are mostly creamy and silky to apply, and Sin is one of the silkier shades in the Naked palette. The wear of this shadow is amazing, and layered over the Urban Decay Primer Potion it manages to last on my lids throughout the entire work day with no fading or creasing to be seen. You can buy the Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow singularly for $17 USD from Sephora, or the Naked Palette for $48 USD. (note: Sephora do not ship directly to Australia so a parcel forwarding service is required)

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  1. Very good call, I think Sin is one of the colours I wear most in my Naked palette also. It’s very pretty πŸ™‚ And I use Virgin as my highlight with pretty much every look. Have gotten into using Toasted quite a bit lately, do you wear that shade much?

  2. I was given this palette as a birthday present and even though I love it and am a fan of UD eyeshadows generally, I find I rarely use it. Oh well, it’s powder eyeshadow – it will last for years.

    After all the scratching out of eyes to get hold of one they’re everywhere now – I even saw it on Nonpareil!

  3. I love Sin also. I am obsessed with neutral palettes at the moment x

  4. I love Sin, in fact it was the eyeshadow of choice today.

  5. How awesome is the palette? My sister brought one back from the States for me a few months ago and it’s all I’ve been using. Sin is a lovely colour, and I like pairing it with some of the darker shades for a smoky eye look. Such good pigmentation!

  6. That’s such a pretty color, I should be getting mine soon, so excited πŸ™‚

    You can also get it here it’s only $9 delivery to Australia so woop.

  7. Sin is my fave eyeshadow! I have 3 of them haha slightly obsessed….do you use it as a cheek highlight too? I have been lately and I love how it looks. I got your blog url off of Annette I hear you are going to the perth beauty bloggers meetup too. Can’t wait to meet you!

    Hannah xox

  8. The more I hear about this palette the more I think I need to own it!! πŸ˜€

  9. Sin is one of my most used shadows in the Naked Palette too. It’s versatile, it’s complex, it’s gorgeous.

  10. i don’t have the naked palette but i do own sin. it’s gorgeous and i use it almost every day!

  11. i want!! which parcel forwarding service do you use.. i’ve found some i’ve tried are unreliable… thanks πŸ™‚

  12. my comment didn’t show πŸ™ just wondering what parcel forwarding service you use… thanks!

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