Project 50 Pan

So far, so good! I’ve already managed to finish up –

01 – Bath + Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Anti-Bac Foaming Hand Soap
02Unico Hair Serum
03 – The Face Shop Real Nature Kelp Mask
04Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera (I have a back-up of this in my cupboard)
05 – evo Main Prescription Protein Treatment (I would repurchase this, but I have a few other hair treatments sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used up first)

So far I have resisted the urge to buy any unnecessary beauty products, though my favourite foundation is running out so I may have to repurchase a bottle of that soon. How is everyone else going with their Project Pans?

Product Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Kelp Mask

I was traipsing around the shops on New Years Eve trying to find something to wear that night (last minute much?) and I happened to pop into The Face Shop to have a “quick look”. Right. I ended up walking away with three products, including the Real Nature Kelp Mask. I don’t have much experience with sheet masks, except for stumbling across the odd, mildy terrifying picture of people wearing them that have been posted online. For example:

“I am not an animal!”

Looking at that picture I now realize that I didn’t apply the mask correctly, and that I should have lowered the nose flap down instead of pushing it upwards. This may explain the painful stinging sensation that I experienced in my eyes while wearing this mask. Live and learn. Eye discomfort aside, this mask left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated and it didn’t break me out the next day. My biggest concern with the product is that the instructions aren’t in English, so I wasn’t really sure what I was doing most of the time. After removing the mask I was left with some residue liquid on my face, and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to rub it into my skin or rinse it off with water (the picture directions were slightly ambiguous). I’d suggest talking to the sales assistant about the product in store if you intend to buy one of these masks in the future. Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly how much this mask cost, but from memory it was around the $10 AUD mark. Available from The Face Shop stores throughout Australia.