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My second Makeup Box arrived today, so I wanted to share a little picture of my current makeup set up with you guys. I have two of the original Makeup Box Shop boxes, and a couple of office drawer organisers next to them containing my previous ‘shop my stash’ challenge items (post on this to come), my stock standard every day items and then my ‘shop my stash’ items for the current week. I store my brushes on top of the boxes in a Makeup Box Shop brush holder, and my Sigma travel brush holder. I also have a few bits & pieces sitting on the top that either wouldn’t fit into the drawers, or I am trying to concentrate on finishing up. I would love to see people’s current makeup storage in a picture so I’m going to make this a tag. Everybody feel free to take this tag and run with it!

9 Thoughts on “Current Makeup Storage

  1. Wow…that is some collection…Is the Makeup Box much better than the office drawer organiser or are they on par? Am new to you blog, but I like the layout! Might need to join in the tag fun!

    • The Makeup Box shop organiser is the only makeup storage that I’ve ever owned so I can’t really compare it to one of the office drawer organisers, but I can say that the quality is amazing. Size wise they’re probably better suited to someone with a much smaller collection than my own, but they look pretty so I don’t mind having 2 out on display.

  2. You know what….this post is perfect timing as I was just wanting to update my make up storage! I love those clear boxes, will be on the look out for something like that!

  3. I like your set up. I’ve been doing the ‘shop my stash’ thing for a while but find myself cheating. Every. Single. Time.

  4. Looking forward to the ‘shop my stash’ post… I’ve got about 4 similar drawer storage for my makeup… keep meaning to do this!! Love your huge mirror and nice easy area for access.

  5. JuneNightingale on April 14, 2012 at 2:58 pm said:

    I love your set up as well. I have something similar (the muji things) and really need to organize it better (and sadly buy more storage)

  6. My friends gave me a set of the drawers and brush jars for my birthday almost a year ago – and I still gaze lovingly at them every single day. I do love your idea of having everyday staples in a separate container (and including different items to shop your stash), so I think I’m going to have to steal this idea for myself.

  7. Those acrylic makeup set of drawers look so good. Need to invest in one (or three) when I move to Melbs.

  8. Ughh you have SO MUCH counter space. Jealous of that AND your makeup boxes.

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