NOTD – Mecca ‘Audrey’

I went through a phase a little while back of obsessing over the Mecca nail polish range. I’ve since gotten over that obsession and I don’t think I’ve purchased a new shade in over a year or so. The colours that I do already own from their range though, are beautiful. ‘Audrey’ is one of my favourite cool-weather shades, and it’s a lot more beautiful in person than what shows in the image above. In fact, this colour is so pretty that at least 3 of my friends have gone out and purchased this after seeing me wear it. Not bad, huh?

4 Thoughts on “NOTD – Mecca ‘Audrey’

  1. I want to go out and purchase it after seeing you wear it too! It is gorgeous!

  2. Me too! I feel like such a nail polish junkie, this colour is gorgeous though.

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