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Kevin.Murphy Powder Puff Do you suffer from pancake hair? I do. Watch this video by the beautiful Slavisa and see if you’re not instantly sold on this product. I saw a TV ad for the Schwarzkopf version of this which also looks quite promising and for $8.99 it’s definitely the cheaper version. I would be interested to try both out and see how they compare.

Kerastase Resistance Ciment ThermiqueI received about 10 sample packets of this in one of the Australian luxury subscription boxes last year (I can’t remember which one, sorry) and I’ve only just started to try it out. I love this stuff. I use it prior to blow drying my hair and it helps to seal the ends of my hair and make my hair soft & shiny. I will hopefully be purchasing a full sized bottle of this sometime in the future.

O&M Queenie Firm Hold HairsprayFinding a decent hairspray is the bane of my hair styling existence so I’ve got my hopes set on this pretty little number from one of my favourite hair care brands, O&M. I’m really curious to see what this smells like too, as O&M products always smell amazing.

evo Love Touch Shine SprayI am halfway through my Moroccanoil Shimmer Spray but I’ll be looking to try something different when I’m finished the bottle, and at the top of my ‘shine serums to try’ list is this product. I love everything that I’ve ever tried from the evo range, so I have high hopes for this.

6 Thoughts on “Current Hair Wish List

  1. I have the Schwarzkopf powder and is good – worth going cheap.

  2. Is the Schwartzkopf one the osis matte one or the extra care instant volume one?

  3. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? x

  4. I’ll definitely have to try the Kerastase the ends of my hair are a mess and its making me even frizzier than usual. Awful!


  5. The Ciment is amazing. My hairdresser told me to mix a tiny bit of hair oil into it for extra hydration.

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