June Favourites

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray – My friends and I have a long running joke about the “shiny hair group” of girls that we went to school with. These were the girls that everybody liked, who were surprisingly well put together for teenagers and who always had perfectly sleek and shiny hair. In the hierarchy of stinky sweaty grubby high school students they were like pretty little mutants sitting atop the food chain with perfectly coiffed hair. Recently, one of my friends passed comment that I could be in the shiny hair group and I think I owe it to this product. This works best for me when I spray it into my cupped palm, rub my hands together and then distribute it evenly through my hair. For some reason when I spray it directly onto my hair it turns into a stringy frizzy mess.

Face of Australia Liner in Purple – One for my fellow green eyed gals, this super cheap liner lasts really well throughout the day. It’s also a subtle enough shade of purple to work well with neutral eyeshadows for wearing to work. I’m just a sucker for purple eyeliner in general really.

Echolife Lavender Mist – I switched to the lavender mist once my rose version ran out and I am absolutely loving it. It’s a really gentle and calming spray and I feel like it’s helping to keep my skin balanced in the colder weather at the moment.

Haus Of Gloi Twice is Nice Body Lotion – Recently, my fellow beauty blogger Neena commented on Twitter that this lotion smelled like a particular Arnotts biscuit. As a connoisseur of biscuits in general, I immediately had to dig it out of my cupboard and see for myself. Happily she was right, this lotion smells exactly like butternut snap biscuits. Yum.

OPI Russian Navy – I’ve never been a fan of blue nail polish in general, but there is something so classy about the colour navy that I couldn’t resist trying this polish out for myself. I really like it, and I think it might be because there is a very subtle hint of purple to the colouring which takes the blue edge off a bit.

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