Life Project: To Build A Home

This will be the first in an extended series of posts that will (hopefully) be appearing on the blog over the course of the next year or so. It’s time for me to embark on a rather large project: building a home. As you can imagine this process is pretty daunting, especially considering the fact that I’ve never done it before. Having said that, I know that can do it and I am really excited to see where the process takes me. So far it’s been a lot of running around, appointment attending, contract signing and handing over a fair amount of money to get myself started. The next month or so will probably entail similar sort of things, and then the fun part begins when I get to start choosing the specific fittings that I want for the home.

I put the question out on Twitter a couple of weeks ago as to whether or not people would be interested in seeing posts on this process, and the resounding answer was yes. I don’t really have much to say about the whole thing just yet as I’ve only just committed myself to it, but if you have any questions or specific post requests please let me know!