August Lust Have It / July Lust Have It Review

Well, this is it guys. This is the month that I finally gave up and unsubscribed from Lust Have It. It was the combination of a few things that contributed to my decision, but I have to admit I was expecting a little bit more from the ‘birthday month box’ than what arrived on my doorstep. Included in the August box were: tanGo Tanning Glove $29.95, Bed Head Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum $25.95 for 50ml, Shiseido Lipstick $43.00 for 4.5g, Marc Jacobs DOT Fragrance $160 for 100ml, Wet n Wild Nail Polish $14.95 and Pure Fiji Orange Blossom Exotic Bath & Body Oil $34.95 for 236ml. As for my review of the July box, well I didn’t bother using any of the products… I guess that says it all? So long, Lust Have It!