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I am blatantly stealing this idea from Natalie @ The Mustard Jumper and Kimberley @ Hopeful Aspirations, so be sure to head over and check out their blogs if you’re not already supercreeperfans of them like I am. Lets start with a portrait of my dog Ben from this week –

01) I am obsessed with these pants from GAP. I was so disappointed when I went back on to the site at the end of last week to order a second pair and they had sold out in my size. Woe.

02) Related to the above: I am really not doing a very good job of sticking to my budget. I will try and remedy this over the next few weeks.

03) Darren Criss.

04) As of this week, all of my favourite television shows of the season will have started up again and I am beyond excited. Give me Walking Dead and American Horror story NOW PLEASE. If you’re not down with Daryl Dixon we can’t be friends BTW.

05) Speaking of television shows, I’m really liking 666 Park Avenue at the moment. I had low expectations before watching it so I was pleasantly surprised. It has all the makings of a show I would love: supernatural themes, hot actors, Terry O’Quinn playing someone creepy and excellent wardrobe. I am pretty much obsessed with the way Jane (Rachael Taylor) is styled in the show.

06) Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson.

07) I ordered this dress to wear to a friend’s wedding in November and I’m struggling with ideas on how to style it. I have the hair/makeup down but I’m not sure what shoes/bag/accessories I should wear with it. At this stage I’m leaning towards nude peep toe wedges, a nude clutch and maybe some basic earrings. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

08) I really want these sunglasses.

09) There is officially less than a month until my birthday, just over a month until I fly over east for holidays and 71 days until Christmas! Exciting times ahead.

10) Darren Criss.

14 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. I was looking at that exact same dress on Modshop – gooooorgeous print! I think nude accessories and some oversized studs would look gorgeous with it.

  2. I love thoughts.

    Silver or gold metallic shoes/clutch and a cocktail ring. Please don’t do white shoes.

  3. I see your problem with the dress. I’m thinking high red heels or sandals (and bright red nail polish!) as it will probably be hot. I *can’t* see black accessories with it…


  5. Love this post! Want those sunnies. BLAINE4LIFE

  6. JuneNightingale on October 17, 2012 at 11:42 am said:

    Yeah I don’t get the Glee guy but Dixon. MY GOD. Awww Ben.

  7. darren Criss is yummy

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