Want It Now

If you live anywhere other than Sydney and Melbourne you might want to avoid reading this post because it’s likely to trigger a severe case of shopping envy. Want It Now is a new company appealing to the burning need for instant gratification inside all of us. If you’re anything like me you’ve often been caught out in the situation where you need something ASAP and without the time to get to the shops you are forced to purchase online. Apparently the co-founders of Want It Now have experienced the same situation, as after one day of scrambling to find a same-day delivery service for a last-minute wedding gift, the idea to start their own company was formed. Want It Now is launching a new website that will enable members to take advantage of special offers from the 50 retail partners (covering a broad range of products from clothing and beauty to gourmet food and costume hire) and have products delivered the same day to their door. Other benefits available when ordering via Want It Now include real time tracking of your parcel, and the option of receiving a text notification alert you prior to your delivery.

September Favourites

I just realised while drafting this post up that I completely forgot to write an August empties post. Oops. To be honest I’ve been sticking to a very standard routine lately, mostly because I’m on Project 100 Pan so I tend to choose one product and make an effort to use it until I finish it up. Some of my favourites for the month of September were:

Lush Sympathy For The Skin – This body lotion has shot straight up to holy grail status within the few months that I’ve owned it. It’s rich and creamy without being too heavy on the skin and I absolutely love the subtle milky scent. I highly recommend checking this out next time you’re in a LUSH store.

Burt’s Bees Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub – I’ve been trying to use up a few of my other body scrubs recently but I’m still using this (my holy grail scrub) pretty frequently. I love the smell of this scrub, it’s so sweet and it looks like it would taste really delicious.

Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Coy – I’ve mentioned this blush in a couple of different posts over the past few weeks, including a review of the product itself. I absolutely love it and I’m so glad I finally dug this out of my collection and started using it. If you’re a fair skinned girl who wants a very subtle cheek colour, this could be just the thing for you.

Lanolips Sunshine Lip Ointment – This is another product that I feel like I’ve been mentioning a lot lately. It has been my go-to lip colour for a few months now and will probably continue to be my #1 lip product throughout the rest of the season.

evo Love Touch Shine Spray – This is another product that I reviewed recently, and I am still loving it and using it every day. It’s a great lightweight shine spray that also happens to smell like watermelon. Yum.