Product Review: Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer

Face primer sits somewhere in between eye cream and body exfoliant when it comes to products that I’ve never been 100% sold on. There have been one or two products that have pushed me towards believing that face primer is of some benefit in my daily routine, but I admit that I was still skeptical when I first started trialling the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. This is a great product, but unfortunately it’s not one that I can use every single day because of the effect that it has on my skin. I’m not sure if my face is particularly sensitive to an overload of products, but if I wear this for 3 or more days in a road I start to break out. Having said that, I still wear this on days where I want my makeup to stay in place for a particularly long time because it works wonders for that. It also does a great job of evening out my complexion before applying makeup, and has the additional benefit of containing SPF 30 (the more sunscreen the better, right?). The Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer retails for $79 AUD but is currently on sale and available for $59.25 from Adore Beauty. (note: this product was sent for consideration for review)

Thoughts of the week…

Just a tip, if you have a beagle it’s a good idea not to wrap chocolates and leave them under the Christmas tree. Because he will search for them when you’re out at dinner with friends, and he won’t stop tearing through packages until he finds them.

01) Life seems to be slowing down a bit after the crazy Christmas rush. I’m looking forward to New Years Eve, 2013 and beyond.

02) I’ve decided that instead of another 50 Book Challenge next year I’m going to choose quality over quantity and aim for something a lot smaller. 4 books per season seems manageable, and anything on top of that will be considered a bonus.

03) I am beyond excited for Pacific Rim. It looks terrible. I can’t wait.

04) I miss Daryl.

05) I’m in a perfume rut. I hate everything. I stood behind a lady in a coffee shop one day this week and she smelled amazing but I didn’t have time to ask her what perfume she was wearing before she left. Woe.

06) The Dexter season seven finale was on a couple of weeks ago and O-M-G was it a huge shock. My jaw literally dropped at one of the final scenes. I can’t wait for the final season next year!

07) I accidentally ordered a couple of things from Bloom because they had a 40% off everything boxing day sale. Don’t judge me.

08) I won’t be writing any resolutions for 2013, but I’ve already drafted up my Dream Life Love List, as inspired by The Freedom Experiment. It’s a great idea and I suggest you do the same.

09) The house and home section of Anthropologie is a red alert danger zone. I want everything.

10) I finished up with Parks & Recreation season 4 and now I’ve moved on to The Office, which is a little too realistic when it comes to the similarities to my own workplace.

Product Review: MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Red lipstick is a special occasion makeup item for me. The circumstances have to be right for me to wear any sort of ‘high-maintenance’ makeup product, because I’m a naturally clumsy person. I can only wear red lipstick if I know I’m not going to be eating anything or drinking too heavily. MAC’s Ruby Woo is something of a foolproof red. It has a drier formula than any other red lipstick I’ve worn in the past, which makes it a lot harder to smudge across your face after one too many glasses of wine. It’s also a perfect blue-toned shade of red that I feel would suit nearly any skin tone. You can see me wearing the lipstick in my FOTN post here. MAC Ruby Woo retails for $36 AUD and can be purchased from MAC Cosmetics.

Life In Balance: Project #3 – Wardrobe (update)

I didn’t intend to be moving on with this project so soon, but after watching the Christmas episode of New Girl I became obsessed with the idea of wearing a sparkly belt to holiday events (like Jess). I finally found one at J Crew and ordered it in both gold and silver. Apparently a few people had the same idea as me, because both colours are now sold out. I wore the gold version on Christmas Eve and I plan on wearing the silver on New Years Eve.

J Crew Glitter Round-Buckle Skinny Belt Forever 21 Classic Skinnies

Forever 21 Essential Purl Knit Sweater Forever 21 Ponte Knit Jacket

I also stumbled across the Forever 21 Ponte Knit Jacket in hunter green and it was too cute to resist, so I took the opportunity to also order my favourite jeans and a navy sweater to make up for the shipping cost. Of course I won’t be wearing the jacket or sweater any time soon, but it’ll be nice to have a few new things to wear as the seasons change in March. As it stands, my wardrobe shopping tally for 2013 now looks like this –

2x Black Pencil Skirts
1x Black Pants
1x Black Cropped Pants
1x Dark Denim Skinny Leg Jeans (1 pair purchased)
4x Blouses
2x Black Tee
2x Black Tank/Singlet
4x Cardigans
1x Black, Grey or Navy Sweaters (1 sweater purchased)
1x Blazer
1x Black Fitted Coat (to replace H&M trench)
1x Maxi Dress
2x Casual Dresses
2x Black or Jewel Toned ‘Evening’ Dresses
1x Country Road Opaque Tights
1x Scarf
1x Sunglasses
(as required) Country Road Black Leather Ballet Flats
1x Flat Sandals
1x Ballet Flats
1x Round Toe Wedges
1x Peep Toe Wedges
1x Skinny Leather Belt
1x Oversized Handbag
1x Clutch Bag
1x Cross Body Bags
2x Necklaces
2x Earrings
1x Rings
1x Bracelets

I don’t have plans to buy anything else in the next month or so, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything catches my eye in the end of year sales…