Life In Balance: Project #3 – Wardrobe

This post involves a combination of two projects; budgeting and wardrobe organization but I’ll be filing it under Project #3 for wardrobe because I think it makes more sense. I’ve mentioned in the past that I have something of a personal uniform because I seem to buy and wear the same items of clothing all the time. In order to make sure I’m sticking to my budget, and not buying things that I won’t even bother wearing I (of course) made a list of all of the items that I’m ‘allowed’ to buy for my wardrobe over the next 12 months or so. And they are…

2x Black Pencil Skirts
1x Black Pants
1x Black Cropped Pants
2x Dark Denim Skinny Leg Jeans
4x Blouses
2x Black Tee
2x Black Tank/Singlet
4x Cardigans
2x Black, Grey or Navy Sweaters
1x Black Blazer
1x Black Fitted Coat (to replace H&M trench)
1x Maxi Dress
2x Casual Dresses
2x Black or Jewel Toned ‘Evening’ Dresses
1x Country Road Opaque Tights
1x Scarf
1x Sunglasses
(as required) Country Road Black Leather Ballet Flats
1x Flat Sandals
1x Ballet Flats
1x Round Toe Wedges
1x Peep Toe Wedges
1x Skinny Leather Belt
1x Oversized Handbag
1x Clutch Bag
1x Cross Body Bags
2x Necklaces
2x Earrings
1x Rings
1x Bracelets

I’m in love with this style of pencil skirt from GAP, so I decided to take advantage of their 30% off sale (note: this sale will only be available to you if you parcel forward your order as GAP discount codes are never valid if you opt for international shipping, but the price of shipping ends up being about the same or cheaper so it’s not too bad). I ordered two of the skirts as well as two plain black tank tops. There is nothing else that I desperately need in my wardrobe at the moment, except perhaps for a lightweight black cardigan for the office so I won’t be rushing to cross anything else off of this list anytime soon.

4 Thoughts on “Life In Balance: Project #3 – Wardrobe

  1. Such a different wardrobe to mine lol. I’m all about graphics, prints, sneakers, slouchy boots, mary jane heels, scarves, beaded bracelets, tailored shorts, tees, stripes and girly skirts. I should really try this method of setting rules for wardrobe purchases though.

    • My wardrobe is very basic, really the only place I wear any sort of print is in blouse form! It works for me though, and I’ve learned over the years that I have to stick to what I know I love otherwise I end up with a lot of colour/printed items that I never wear! Good luck x

  2. Can I ask what sort of budget have you applied to the wardrobe part? I have tried many times to do something similar but I always fail. I am not sure if I am setting my budget too low to be realistic, or I just need to be less picky with the items on my list (like quality, etc).

    • I’ve set aside $200 per fortnightly pay as a ‘shopping allowance’ – I’ll be using that money for anything I buy for my wardrobe, as well as other things like books, DVDs, beauty essentials etc. I think there are some places where quality needs to come before quantity and more money should be spent (shoes as the #1 here) but I also think if you make a plan like this and have an idea in your head of what you need/want you can keep an eye out for good sales and make the most of saving money that way. I’m planning on buying a designer bag as my one ‘oversized’ handbag for the year, but I’ll be doing it when Shopbop have one of their sales. I also really like costume jewelery from Lovisa/Collette so one of my necklace purchases will definitely be an under $20 purchase from there. It all evens out in the end in my experience. Good luck! x

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