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Just a tip, if you have a beagle it’s a good idea not to wrap chocolates and leave them under the Christmas tree. Because he will search for them when you’re out at dinner with friends, and he won’t stop tearing through packages until he finds them.

01) Life seems to be slowing down a bit after the crazy Christmas rush. I’m looking forward to New Years Eve, 2013 and beyond.

02) I’ve decided that instead of another 50 Book Challenge next year I’m going to choose quality over quantity and aim for something a lot smaller. 4 books per season seems manageable, and anything on top of that will be considered a bonus.

03) I am beyond excited for Pacific Rim. It looks terrible. I can’t wait.

04) I miss Daryl.

05) I’m in a perfume rut. I hate everything. I stood behind a lady in a coffee shop one day this week and she smelled amazing but I didn’t have time to ask her what perfume she was wearing before she left. Woe.

06) The Dexter season seven finale was on a couple of weeks ago and O-M-G was it a huge shock. My jaw literally dropped at one of the final scenes. I can’t wait for the final season next year!

07) I accidentally ordered a couple of things from Bloom because they had a 40% off everything boxing day sale. Don’t judge me.

08) I won’t be writing any resolutions for 2013, but I’ve already drafted up my Dream Life Love List, as inspired by The Freedom Experiment. It’s a great idea and I suggest you do the same.

09) The house and home section of Anthropologie is a red alert danger zone. I want everything.

10) I finished up with Parks & Recreation season 4 and now I’ve moved on to The Office, which is a little too realistic when it comes to the similarities to my own workplace.

3 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. I’m going to read 50 books AND try to read mostly ‘quality’. That should keep me busy.

  2. I’m jumping on the 50 book challenge for 2013 because in general I want to read more, and immerse myself in them a little. I need to zone out more!
    People are describing this past season of Dexter much like the 4th, which as you know I have been told is a MUST watch..

  3. I can’t tell if my previous comment went through or not.. :/ so weird!
    What I said was I’m totally doing the 50 book challenge from tomorrow, I haven’t been in a book phase for a while and I want to jump in and lose myself in a few good books!
    Also this past season of Dexter seems to be one up there with season 4 (that I’ve heard?)

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