Product Review: Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer

Face primer sits somewhere in between eye cream and body exfoliant when it comes to products that I’ve never been 100% sold on. There have been one or two products that have pushed me towards believing that face primer is of some benefit in my daily routine, but I admit that I was still skeptical when I first started trialling the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. This is a great product, but unfortunately it’s not one that I can use every single day because of the effect that it has on my skin. I’m not sure if my face is particularly sensitive to an overload of products, but if I wear this for 3 or more days in a road I start to break out. Having said that, I still wear this on days where I want my makeup to stay in place for a particularly long time because it works wonders for that. It also does a great job of evening out my complexion before applying makeup, and has the additional benefit of containing SPF 30 (the more sunscreen the better, right?). The Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer retails for $79 AUD but is currently on sale and available for $59.25 from Adore Beauty. (note: this product was sent for consideration for review)

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  1. Agree with the primer conspiracy. And they’re so expensive. I’d rather spend that money on good moisturisers and makeup that stays put.

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