Product Review: LUSH Big Shampoo

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to prevent product buildup in my hair. I was faithful to the Fekkai Apple Cider Clarifying Rinse for a few years, but I it’s now safe to say that it has been bumped off of my holy grail list by this product. The consistency of Big is bizarre (kind of like runny jelly with big chunks of sea salt mixed in) and the smell is unusual but not offensive. You only need a small amount of this shampoo to lather up really nicely, and it leaves my hair feeling soft and silky and clean without feeling stripped of any natural oils. The only thing I don’t love about this shampoo is that the smell lingers in my hair the following day, and I’m not a huge fan of the scent. The LUSH Big Shampoo retails for $25.95 AUD and is available for purchase from LUSH Australia.

7 Thoughts on “Product Review: LUSH Big Shampoo

  1. Love Lush, but haven’t tried their shampoos yet. WIll sure do so…

  2. I am on a No Buy and all your reviews on hair care products make me wanna jump to it and go buy them! Lol… Another one for the wishlist!

  3. The solid shampoos, like karma, are really nice too. Smell a bit better, with that same herbal linger.

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