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It’s been a long week (my first full week at work since the beginning of the holiday season) and I’m now thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather and a slow-paced weekend. My sister and family have moved back from Sydney and are staying with us at the moment so there is a lot of this going on.

01) Justin Timberlake released his new song this week and I’m sad to say that I’m not that impressed with it. (note: after listening to the song on repeat while drafting this post it’s started to grow on me…)

02) The Office is filling the gap that the lack of new Parks & Recreation episodes has left in my life. I think it’s safe to say that Jim Halpert is the dream co-worker of every girl working in an office.

03) Following on from my suggestion of the Macro spicy lentil and tempeh balls from last week, I can now also highly recommend the chickpea burger patties. Super delicious.

04) Gone Girl is a pretty good read – get on it.

05) I’m currently trying out the Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff for review, and although it’s early days I think this could become one of my favourite hair products.

06) If you don’t already love Adele (are you a mutant?) you’re bound to find her adorable after watching her Golden Globes acceptance speech. Tay Swiz’s jealous(?) side-eye during the speech soured my view of her a little bit. Perhaps she was in a grump because of the destruction of her Harry Styles romance?

07) I’m definitely gonna need the Rag & Bone Kinsey boots in my life before the cold weather kicks in.

08) I didn’t realise that Ed Sheeran was touring Australia this year and therefore missed out on buying tickets. Gutted.

09) Tina & Amy are two of my heroes. (Thanks to Nat for this link!)

10) James McAvoy.

9 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. oh god, that GIF, I feel like my ovaries just kicked me

  2. Adele is the best, that acceptance speech was perfect. And Skyfall was definitely the best song in that category.

  3. Lil went to see Ed Sheeran last year and I didn’t even know who he was!

  4. I’ve never been huge on Swift as a person but no doubt there’s a bit of a public turning against her at the moment. She needs to keep it in her pants for a while, especially as she’s always made such a big deal out of writing songs about guys who’ve ‘wronged’ her.

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