Product Review: Kerastase Nectar Thermique

If you’ve ever asked me to recommend a hair product for you to try, it’s more than likely I suggested Kerastase’s Nectar Thermique. This is hands down one of the best hair products I’ve ever tried. It’s designed to be a leave-in conditioning heat-protectant for your hair, and I use it every day before running the blow dryer over my hair (which is usually when it’s around 80% dry already). It really helps to keep frizziness at bay and my hair looks a million times softer and silkier when I use this product. I didn’t take this product away with me when I traveled late last year, and I noticed such a huge difference in the quality of my hair that I purchased a tube to use while I was away. The Kerastase Nectar Thermique is currently available for $43 at Strawberrynet. Buy it.

6 Thoughts on “Product Review: Kerastase Nectar Thermique

  1. How long do you find a single bottle will last you (and how often/how much do you use)?

    • I’ve had my bottle since July and it’s still about 3/4 full, I use it every day but only a small amount (maybe the size of a 5c piece?) – hope this helps!

  2. Totally agree. I’ve used so many different protectants – but this is my top pick for sure. I absolutely adore the scent of the Ciment Thermique – but for whatever reason – this one definitely works better for my hair. And I still love the scent of this one too (I just have a weird addiction to sniffing the other one. Ahem).

  3. I blow dried my hair on Friday afternoon to go to an event – and totally forgot about this in my hair box. My hair looked super dry and horribly like fairy floss. Not in a good fairy way. Sadface. Cannot wait til I have shelves instead of boxes!

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