Top 5 Sigma Brushes

01) Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush – This is a great product for buffing liquid foundation into your skin. I generally use a Beauty Blender sponge to apply regular foundation but I always use this brush when I apply my Lancome BB Cream (which I wear on the weekends) and I find that it helps to give a really even coverage.

02) Sigma F60 Foundation Brush – This is designed to be a foundation brush, but I use it to apply cream blush to the apples of my cheeks.

03) Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush – I think technically this brush is designed to be used to apply eyeshadow, I use it to blend my concealer. I have more than one of this particular brush, and I use the other one for blending eyeshadow and it works wonderfully for that too.

04) Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush – This is my favourite eyeshadow brush. As I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow (I tend to stick to one shade all over the lid) this works well to pat a decent amount of product onto my lid without too much effort.

05) Sigma E60 Large Shader Brush – I use this to apply cream eye shadow but it also works well as a basic brush to use with powder eye shadows.

If you’re planning to head over to Sigma to buy any of these brushes (or anything else that might take your fancy), please feel free to click through using my affiliate link.

4 Thoughts on “Top 5 Sigma Brushes

  1. Great looking brushes. One of these days I need to give sigma brushes a go:)

  2. Love it that you don’t use the brushes for their specific purpose either 😛 I use foundation brushes for my under eye concealer and the Sigma P80 (mini flat-topped kabuki) for my face concealer. I tend to use a patting motion with either of them.

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