Product Review: Nivea Fragrance Free Cleansing Wipes

Face wipes have two purposes: 1) Making things easier for me when I make a half-assed attempt at cleaning my face before crawling into bed on nights where I just can’t be bothered and 2) Making things easier for me when I make a half-assed attempt at cleaning my face when I’m on holiday. I love a dry wipe, and these ones by Nivea have just the right amount of moisture to suit my fussy face-wipe tastes. The Nivea fragrance free wipes are my holy grail wipes because they do a decent job of removing my makeup (although I am yet to find one that removes anything as well as my ol’ faithful – Cetaphil) and they cause no irritation or redness in my skin whatsoever. The Nivea Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes are currently available for purchase from Chemist Warehouse for $6.39 AUD.

4 Thoughts on “Product Review: Nivea Fragrance Free Cleansing Wipes

  1. So I just read this thing (and now of course I don’t remember which beauty website I was on -sorry!) about how terrible facial cleanser cloths are for your skin! I don’t use them all the time (I keep them in my purse for overnights at my boyfriends) but my skin is so sensitive and now I’m wondering if even the occasional use is making it worse! Thoughts?


    • I haven’t read anything like that but I can see how constant use could be damaging. I’ve seen my best friend use wipes on her face and it involved a lot of tugging and pulling at the eye area and her skin in general – perhaps a lot of people use them like this? Also a lot of wipes contain fragrance which I can imagine could be bad for your skin after a while. I’m sure occasional use (like anything in moderation) would be fine. I haven’t seen any negative effects as of yet!

  2. GlossQueen on March 4, 2013 at 7:47 am said:

    Hmmm, I shall have to give these a try. Are they better than the WotNot wipes?

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