Thoughts of the week…

01) I’ve started meditating every night before going to sleep again, it’s amazing how much of a positive difference it makes to my general outlook on life. My current favourite meditation is a chakra realignment also known as the only meditation I don’t immediately fall asleep to.

02) I have a week off of work and it is much needed. My right eye has been twitching for the last week or so and I’m on the brink of looking completely insane.

03) My current breakfast obsession is DIY egg mcmuffins. Delicious.

04) I have my pre-start house fitting selection this week! I’m equal parts excited and nervous.

05) I went to Kit Cosmetics during the week and fell in love with these. They’re going on my wish list for sure, in particular the shade ‘Chase’.

06) I also fell in love with the limited edition lip paints from Kit. If you’re in the market for a BRIGHT lip colour, I suggest checking these out ASAP.

07) So Daryl wore a leather jacket this week.

08) One of my favourite authors has a new book being released this year. Do as I did and rush over and pre-order ‘And The Mountains Echoed‘ by Khaled Hosseini. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

09) I was reading part of Lauren Conrad’s beauty book today and she described her makeup collection as a library of makeup. I like this and I’m going to steal it.

10) I just discovered a whole tumblr dedicated to Southland. Finally!

Product Review: Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion

I recently ran out of my favourite body lotion, and despite the burning temptation to rush out and buy a replacement I decided to be smart and use up some of the products I already own. First up is Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey body lotion. I’m fussy when it comes to body lotion in the fact that I can’t stand products that have overpowering fragrance. This lotion does have a scent but it’s subtle enough that I’m more than happy to wear it day-to-day. It moisturises nicely and sinks into my skin quite fast (I apply my lotion straight after blow drying my hair before styling my hair so that it has enough time to sink into my skin before I get dressed for the day) and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. This is a mid to lightweight lotion so if you’re in need of some heavy duty moisturising you might want to try something a little bit richer. The Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion retails for $19.95 AUD and is available for purchase from Echolife. (note: this product was sent for consideration for review)