Life In Balance: Project #3 – Wardrobe (update)

I went a little crazy when it came to spending money on clothes (and other things) during my week off of work, but when I looked back at my wardrobe list I realised that everything I’d bought fit into the range of things that I planned to purchase. I’m more than happy with my new items and am looking forward to the start of my favourite clothing season – WINTER.

My updated list is as follows –

2x Black Pencil Skirts
1x Black Pants
1x Black Cropped Pants
1x Dark Denim Skinny Leg Jeans (1 pair purchased)
4x Blouses
2x Black Tee
2x Black Tank/Singlet
4x Cardigans
2x Black, Grey or Navy Sweaters
1x Blazer
1x Black Fitted Coat (to replace H&M trench)
1x Maxi Dress
2x Casual Dresses
2x Black or Jewel Toned ‘Evening’ Dresses
1x Country Road Opaque Tights
1x Scarf
1x Sunglasses
(as required) Country Road Black Leather Ballet Flats (1 pair purchased)
1x Flat Sandals
1x Ballet Flats
1x Round Toe Wedges
1x Peep Toe Wedges
1x Skinny Leather Belt
1x Oversized Handbag
1x Clutch Bag
1x Cross Body Bags
1x Necklaces (1 purchased)
2x Earrings
1x Rings
1x Bracelets